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CHOICE: sometimes there is too much

I’ve never tried to hide a tree but I am convinced the best place to do that would be in a forest.

I say that because of my recent experience with 33rpm vinyl records.No, I’ve never tried to hide one of those either, but I have tried to find the one I want when it was surrounded by a forest of similar looking albums.

When my mother moved to a new houselast year, I had to do something with the LP collection I’d been storing at her home.

Some of the purchases date back to my primary school days but that was the 60s and I still like most of the music so I brought about 50 of them over to the UK and bought myself a turntable.

That gave me a reasonable selection and I didn’t have much trouble finding what I wanted to put on.I really enjoyed going through my old rock and blues recordings but there were six classical albums in the collection as well and I soon found myself listening mainly to them.

I think I may have been preparing for listening to, and learning more about, classical music during visits with my mother who had hundreds of classical records in her new house.

It was going to be quality time together as she got older and less mobile. Unfortunately, she died soon after her move and that never happened.

What did happen, however, was I inherited her albums. At first, I was restrained and only took pieces I thought I was likely toplay but after my brother and sisters had taken what they wanted there were quite a few left so I took everything I thought I might possibly play and I wound up with nearly 300 vinyl discs.

That is a forest, and the reason I’m writing about this today is because it is also a pain in the butt.

Yes, I have an extensive collection of symphonies, concertos, overtures and whatever andI could buy or build adisplay case that would be large enough to divide the collection into manageable patches, but for the time being, that is not what I have done.

I’ve just crammed them into the existing 1.2 metres of shelf space I started with and tried to keep them in alphabetical order.

That might work if I were the only person putting the albums back on the shelf, but I am not.

The thing is, even if I did have loads of space and a system that allowed me toeasily find what I wanted, I would still have more of a problem now than I did when I started getting into classical music.

That’s because back then I only had six options and I knew what they were.

Now I need to decide if I want to listen to an old favourite or put on something new… and then I need to find it.

I guess the point is that sometimes choice becomes a problem and a little can be better than a lot.

I knew that, but I guess I lost the point in my forest of records.

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