Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) is working around the clock to annex the president’s security from other security organs so that DIS can have exclusive and total control of the president’s security detail, a source within the security agency has revealed.

The move comes after a series of reports on the threats on President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s life with the latest being the crash landing incident that happened on Saturday afternoon in Francistown.

A Botswana Defence Force’s presidential helicopter was forced to make an immediate precautionary landing while taxiing at Francistown airport upon arrival from Mathangwane where the President had gone to launch the Botswana Democratic Party’s candidate for Shashe West constituency, Fidelis Molao.

It has since been announced that while taxiing for landing at Francistown Airport the pilots reported an engine fire indication and promptly executed an engine shut down and landing on runway 13 at the airport.

The office of the President and the BDF released a joint statement last week informing the public that the emergency response at Francistown Airport also responded to provide assistance with fire retardant foam.

“All five passengers and the three aircrew members are safe and without injuries. The BDF wishes to assure the nation that all required maintenance and safety procedures are taken to assure the safe passage of His Excellency the President as well as any other principles in their care,” reads the statement in part.

Before that, Masisi’s flight was forced to make U-turn mid way, as there were reports of a plot to assassinate him in Mozambique where he was heading.

Another report which the DIS Director General, Peter Magus once alluded to was that of a power failure before the president could land at Sir Seretse Khama Airport.

However, the DIS Director General Peter Fana Magosi has said that after assessing the president’s security, appropriate measures would definitely be put in place.

Although he refused to be drawn into discussing the matter further, Magosi assured Batswana that the security situation surrounding the president would always be assessed depending on the situation.

“Not much can be said about the weekend accident and lets allow investigations to be completed. Secondly, I would like to remind you of my statement during last press conference where I explained the change in security environment,” said the DIS boss who has been consistent in his claims that the president’s life was under threat.

When further asked on allegations of taking over the president’s security, Magosi said that the current arrangement was the best option.

“National security consists of different organizations and they all have a specific role to play in presidential security, therefore it is the best setup and also best practice internationally.”

The source within the DIS has however insisted that Magosi was so worried about the president security to the point where he was beginning to lobby for the DIS to have exclusive and total control of Maisisi’s security detail to close any possible gaps and loopholes in the number one citizen’s protection.

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