Focus Mr. Photographer!
Photographer taking shots

Shaya got to join the cool kids this weekend, hanging out at an exclusive spot.

It’s not every day that I get invited to such glitzy events, so, when I do, I take them seriously.

Whilst I was hypnotized by the stunning ladies who took to the ramp, one photographer really got on Shaya’s nerves.

The guy seemed to think he was an acrobat, pulling of strange poses and disturbing the poor ladies who were already battling with stage fright.

Mr Photographer, I don’t know if this was your first big gig and you felt the need to prove to the accounts lady that you were working but this is not how to behave.

There is etiquette when it comes to such things!

This is totally unacceptable and just unprofessional.

Shaya left immediately because you had taken all the limelight from the girls.