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TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Keitholetse with his bowl and muti

Magic bowl lands doctor in hot soup
A traditional doctor who uses a magic flying bowl to recover stolen property has landed in hot soup after the irate suspect called the police. Paul Keitholetse, 39 was arrested after his magic bowl, which he claims ‘works just like a sniffer dog’ led him to an unsuspecting woman’s house to recover a stolen gas cylinder.
Drama followed when a desperate victim, Lebibie Mbaembae engaged traditional doctor Keitholetse to help her find her gas cylinder which was stolen over Christmas. In an interview with The Voice on Tuesday Mbaembae said that a friend introduced her to the well-known doctor after she complained of losing four gas cylinders in a month. And with gas costing P1000 for a 48kg cylinder, it was an expense she could no longer afford.

Last Friday Keitholetse went to Mbaembae’s house with the bowl on a mission to catch the thief.
“We were shocked when the silver bowl he was holding seemed to pull him outside the house with some kind of magnetic force. Keitholetse then told us to follow him as the bowl would lead us to the place where my gas cylinder was hidden,” Mbaembae revealed.
When he reached the suspect’s house, Keitholetse who was holding the bowl, battered down the front door and went straight to the allegedly stolen cylinder in the kitchen. Puzzled, the owner of the yard and suspected thief who turned out to be Mbaembae’s niece, Mmaophana Mbaembae called the police who arrived after the traditional doctor had left with the cylinder and the stove that was attached to it.

Police however followed the doctor and his client and confiscated both items before summoning the two partners to appear at the Mogoditshane Customary Court on Monday for questioning. The case was however adjourned after the accused man failed to show up.
Unfazed by the charges Mbaembae claimed that her niece was so afraid of the possible consequences of being caught with the stolen cylinder that she was recently seen sprinkling ‘holy’ water in the middle of the night after her house was nearly stuck by lightning.
“They are still holding on to my gas cylinder despite my numerous attempts to recover it, but since she vehemently denied stealing it I am free to bewitch whoever stole that cylinder, and I am going to do just that,” she warned
Refuting her aunt’s accusations, Mmaophana’s sister Reetsang said, “Their accusations are totally unfounded. These people stormed into my sister’s house last week and took our stove and the gas cylinder claiming it belonged to them. That was when we had no choice but to call the police who subsequently took both the cylinder and the stove to the police station.

“They have since returned the cylinder but kept the stove as part of the evidence against the over-zealous doctor who damaged it when he and his flying bowl threw the stove outside the house,” said Reetsang, who went on to accuse Keitholetse of being a witch masquerading as a doctor.
“This guy is not traditional doctor at all. He is a fake and if he doesn’t stop what he is doing he is going to be seriously beaten up. In fact he recently came close to being assaulted in Mogoditshane after trying to pull a similar stunt.
“I suspect that Mbaembae told him to come to my house because she always suspects us whenever her property goes missing. It was not the first time that her house was broken into and every time it happened she accuses us.”
Meanwhile Keitholetse, who swears by his flying bowl’s accuracy rate said that in the 18 years that he has used it, it has never lied to  him or led him to a wrong destination.
“This bowl tells me the truth, if I agree to go where it wants me to go it then pulls me to the whereabouts of the stolen property and goes ahead to thoroughly search the house or yard until we find what we have come for,” Keitholetse explained.
Mogoditshane Police Station Commander Superintendent Nkwebi Chilisa said, “We do not use traditional doctors in our investigations. We rely solely on eye witnesses and hard evidence, we do not believe in superstitions at all.”

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Ke batla Ngaka yeo batho ba a nkutswela. I believe in his bowl and he can help recover stolen property from robberies and house breakings. Anyone who knows him tell me his cell no please


O seka wa eletsa go mo dirisa ka gore he will show you a different direction. Dont invite trouble, please.


haha!This guy reminds me of my nephew who turns any circular looking object into a steering wheel of a car and zooms off.

A di bope!

Ina lebe seromo,o Keitlholetse ka nnete……U go around intruding on people properties…..Ae! bagaetsho mo ga se gone.Ka setso ngaka ga e latele dilo,ditshwanetse go ipusa….e seng mantlwane aa dirwang ke rre yo.


Tipa11 o bolela ruri ntsalaka e bile nna rra-rakgadi o re jela dikgomo o di fitlha kwa merakeng e e far. Ekete nka bona matwetwe oo, ra ba fitlhela ba e gama ija!!!!!!! go ka n kga go sa bola.




dat what we call african magic ke nnete boloi bo teng but different from the white dem made a gun to kill an african man use muti it wil work for him

krispen maroi

Eish…….i nid dis guy, i lost my laptop and camera, ke thokana le ene a te go nkisa ko di leng teng nd ha ke di fithela ke thuba ntjsa thogo ka molamu…KIP IT UP TRADITIONAL DOKOTELLA, we nid u…

monna yo o botlhokwa tota e le ruri,fa a ne a ka dira gore this magic bowl e tlise legodu kwa go ene gone foo ,go na le go tsena ko dijarateng tsa batho dat will be better.