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SOPHISTICATED: Molete oozes glamour and style

Glamorous globetrotter goes local with azzani designs

It was during one of her regular trips abroad that Matheah Molete first conceived the idea for her exciting new business.

Realising there was a gap in the local market, the Ramotswa native founded Azzani Designs, a company which specialises in creating floral walls and unique backdrops.

Less than a year later – the enterprise became active in March 2018 – and the venture has proved a sensation among the country’s lifestyle and corporate events.

Talking to Voice Money recently, Molete explained she came across the concept during her travels to faraway lands such as China and Dubai.

Seduced by the vibrant colours and intricate, exotic designs, the 30-year-old’s creative side, which had lain dormant for much of her life, was emphatically ignited.

“Azzani Designs is a predominately artificial flower backdrop company. We make different designs for different events, be it corporate, entertainment events, birthday parties and baby showers,” outlined the glamorous globetrotter.

PRETTY IN PINK: Azzani Designs\’ creator and creation

Molete proudly reveals her flowery arrangements have been embraced by many and attributes her company’s success to the fact that their product is unique to Botswana.

“From the first day we launched until now we have been able to secure clients. There has been an appetite for the product and since then our curve has been up.

“We have a lot of support locally from various segments,” she said, adding that her company’s services have been hired for a number of high-profile events, including Fashion Without Borders, Sip & Paint and Fashion Week.

Speaking about the future plans for her blossoming business, Molete, a Monash University Business Science graduate, says she intends to introduce more products and ultimately expand her venture.

“I want to reach other locations because now I’m getting enquiries from places like Maun and Francistown. So a lot of changes can be expected from us this year as we will be penetrating different markets with different products,” stressed the ambitious young businesswoman, her eyes flashing with excitement as she contemplates the numerous opportunities that loom.

Highlighting the rapid progress her company has already made, Molete revealed that when she started she was on her own, completing her first projects single-handedly.

“I did the marketing alone, but as the business grew I had to employ at least labourers, because us we design and when a client comes on board I see the design and get the labourers to do it. I sometimes help, but half the time I have to see that the vision is okay because at the moment the way things are going, I cannot do it alone,” finished the impressive Molete, her bright smile almost as dazzling as her floral creations.

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