Five suspected warehouse robbers get bail
ON BAIL: Robbery Suspects

Extension II Magistrate Batho Kgerethwa has granted five men accused of burglary and theft bail on Wednesday.

The court heard that Mpho Ndaba 26, Thato Ntswaneng 25, Mmoloki Gabolekane 35, Tshwarelo Selato 36 and Matlhogonolo Othusitse 29, on April 24th acting jointly together in concert broke into Lewis furniture warehouse in Tlokweng and stole television sets worth P42 000.

It is alleged that on September 17th, the accused persons broke the warehouse again and stole television sets valued at P70 000.

When asked if they have anything to say Ndaba and Ntswaneng said they want to engage an attorney while the other three said they would conduct their own defence.

State Prosecutor Inspector Joseph Kehakae told the court that their investigations were almost complete and that he was not opposed to the accused persons being granted bail.

Inspector Kehakae proposed that the five be granted bail on conditions that they bind themselves with P2000 and provide one Motswana surety each binding himself or herself with the same amount.

Other conditions were that they come to court at all times when required to do so, not commit any criminal offence whilst on bail and report to Tlokweng police every Friday.

Magistrate Kgeretlwa also ordered that the suspects be served with statements and necessary documents to prepare for their defence.

Next mention has been scheduled for June 05th, 2019.

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