Malawi’s representative in the Big Brother Africa All Stars reality show, Code, has been pretty busy since he left the house four years ago.

When The Voice caught up with arguably one of the most memorable Big Brother Africa housemate from Malawi in Blantyre on election day, he was full of excitement about life in general and his upcoming music project in particular.

Now a proud father of a little girl and an accomplished businessman Code, 38, said even though it would have been nice to pocket the prize money, losing the competition has been as good as winning because he got the publicity and the limelight he needed to catapult him to another level of success both in the media and music industries.

A radio broadcaster by profession Code has been very busy running a fully fledged media agency that deals with concept development and media buying for radio and television ADS.

Apart from that the former radio DJ with a velvet voice who was in a band with his brother before has now launched a solo music career, changed his name to ‘An artist known as CO’ and recently dropped an album.

“We had a gig last month and got very good feed back. And now we are about to take the show to Lilongwe and other parts of the country.” He said.

Asked about his Big Brother Housemate squeeze, maureen from Uganda, Code said. “I haven’t spoken to Maureen, I hope she is fine and I hope she is happy but I do get in tough with people.
Not too long ago I spoke to Tatiana and Lerato for example. After the show it’s like every man for himself, but I am grateful I did it.”


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