HIGH DRAMA: Members of the Cox family and accused outside court

Court hears accusations of cocaine dealing
Five men appeared before a Francistown court last week on a charge of possessing 2.4 grams of the habit-forming drug cocaine. Officers from the Diamond and Narcotics squad nabbed David Kgalemang Cox (27), Patrick Lekgaba (24), Terrance Mbongwe (20), Badubi Phanankosi (26), and Nonofo Moganane (24), after a tip off from an anonymous caller.
Giving evidence Detective Superintendent Boikhutso Ntalabgwe told the court that he had received information that David Cox was in possession and was selling cocaine. When Cox was traced to his house in the Minestone area, officers went to the residence and spotted him entering the gate in the company of Terrance Mbongwe.
When a team of five plain clothed police officers arrived at the house, they burst through the kitchen door and made their way into the sitting room were Cox and the four accused were seated.
One of the police team, Inspector Ntuane described how Cox had then aggressively confronted him, demanding to know what he wanted in his father’s house. This prompted officers to handcuff the suspects before informing them of the purpose of the police visit.
The officer informed the court that he had fetched an independent witness, a neighbour who was present during the search.
No drugs were found on any of the accused, but as police combed through the sitting room, a clear plastic sachet containing three small black wrappings was apparently found in a vase on the television stand.
Before opening the sachet, Cox was questioned about the contents of the black plastic wrappings, and was said to have calmly replied that the whitish powder found inside was tooth powder.
Police claimed that another transparent plastic sachet with three more wrappings in it was found under a wooden coffee table. “When Cox was asked about the contents in the second sachet he maintained that it too was tooth powder. We then proceeded to search every room of the double storey house in the presence of David, but did not find anymore drugs,” Ntalabgwe testified.
The accused were arrested and charged on suspicion of actively dealing in drugs and having knowledge that Cox was in possession of cocaine.
During cross-examination the accused claimed that the narcotics squad were armed and had all the suspects pinned to the floor for 15 minutes before the search. An allegation that officers Ntalabgwe and Ntuane flatly denied.
The case is set to continue in December.

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