Fires return to torment Willie family in Palapye
Fires return to torment Willie family in Palapye

Hardly two months after Eloyi chased it away, a fiery ‘thokolosi’ has returned to torment a Palapye family.

Mmaseji Willie, 47, is staring into the distance with despair. “My daughter, who has a month old baby saw the tent on fire and called me. Now we don’t know what to do,” she says before pacing from one house to another.

The tent which the family was given by the social welfare office has just burned to the ground. After Eloyi performed a ritual to rid them of the evil the Willies were rebuilding their lives. The yard, which is alleged to be at the centre of a family feud was divided onto two halves and the burnt houses renovated.

Mysteriuos fires reignite after fire crews leave
Mysteriuos fires reignite after fire crews leave

Now they live in fear that the fire will reverse their gains. Neighbours are concerned for Dikeledi Thapelo, 28,  and her one month old baby. “We should move the baby from here because we don’t know what the fire will burn next. There’s also too much smoke for her,” says neighbour Segametsi Obokeng, 36.

The baby and its mother are being evacuated to Obokeng’s mother’s residence.

“We don’t know what to do anymore. We thought Eloyi had solved our problem,” Thapelo says before moving to safety.

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Moemedi Serumola

Waitse ke ipotsa gore tota satane yoo thasetseng bana ba ba Modimo o batla go tewa go tweng.. I now command the power of the holy spirit to go n fight for them..


i think they must visit spiritual healing church,Pastor TB JOSHUA,TIRANO CHURCH,IPHC CHURCH,try 1 of these churches i telll u,will have peace of mind