Popular Zambian gaffer Mike Dubula-Dubula Sithole has been relieved of his duties by former champions Gaborone United. Sithole was dismissed by United in the past in a rather unfashionable way. After winning the league during the course of its defence he was shown the door for what was termed ‘professional misconduct’.

Sithole relocated to BMC until end of the season before retracing his steps back to Gaborone United.  Initially he was rumoured to be on his way to Centre Chiefs only for United to step in with a mouth-watering contract. Chiefs threatened to sue him for breach of a pre-contract they had signed but Sithole won the battle as they never pursued the matter because they were also in breach of some aspects in the pre- contract.

Most people close to United say the coaches’ sacking has divided the United committee. Already the Secretary Kagiso Sebele has resigned. Sebele confirmed his resignation though he would not divulge reasons. Sources close to him say he wasn’t happy with the way the club dismissed the coach.
The United saga dates back to October 16, 2010 when United Chairman Nkomazana wrote to the coach about the teams’ poor performance.

“The letter stated how the committee was disappointed with the team’s performance since the beginning of the season.
“Despite several technical meetings we have held with yourself in order to support you, the team continues to struggle and you will also recall that in the meetings thereof, we have brought in suggestive advice to you which you have obviously chosen to ignore,” reads the letter.

Nkomazana further reminded Sithole that he was still on three month probation period earning a very high salary despite the poor results.
Sithole’s attention was called to the fact that GU had signed quality players in which each position has at least two players.

“We believe that the team has gained a lot of experience from the CAF games. In addition we have bolstered the team with top players as well as young and promising players who are in the National under-23 team. Also be reminded that our financial providers, directors and supporters are demanding answers on the poor performance,” wrote Nkomazana.

The chairman further challenged the coach to give answers and show course why the club should continue to pay him the agreed salary and why the club should not consider exercising its right to terminate his contract for poor performance.

In the dismissal letter dated 12 December United noted the contents of the above letter and reminded the coach that from a possible 24 points he only got 10. The Chairman feared that the team might relegate was worried about the financial state which came as a result of poor performance.
In his letter dated 14 December Sithole refused to accept the contents of the letter, denying ever seeing the first letter. He argues that United were in violation of his contract and totally denied ever holding meetings with management where performance was discussed.
“I therefore demand immediate reinstatement or to be paid out of my full contract,’’ Sithole says in his response.

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