Fire extinguisher accident lands man in hospital
VICTIM: Gaaitsiwe Moroka

Injured man to sue police

Careless traffic cops who nearly killed a passenger in a combi with a fire extinguisher could soon be slapped with a million Pula lawsuit.

Speaking to The Voice in an interview, the victim of the overzealous Pitsane cops, Gaaitswe Moroka, 40, said he was from his home village Rakhuna when traffic officers inspecting vehicles for roadworthiness sprayed him with a fire extinguisher to check if it was working.

The powder affected his sight and caused him to vomit uncontrollably until he passed out and woke up at Athlone Hospital in Lobatse with an oxygen mask strapped to his face.

“That stupid accident has affected my health, I am now struggling to breath and I have to regularly use aerosol spray to combat regular shortness of breath,” said Moroka

Explaining why he is preparing a million pula suit for the police, Moroka said the incident has cost him a tender to renovate Rakhuna Botswana Defence Force (BDF)camp by affecting his health adversely when he was just about to embark on the project.

“ I got injured on my way back from Rakhuna BDF camp where I had gone to sign for a tender to renovate their flats. And now the doctor has recommended that I do not get exposed to activities such as painting, which might cause a flare up or an attack on my breathing condition and yet I survive by doing painting, ceiling fittings and such construction related work,” lamented Moroka who is waiting for a full doctor’s medical report before he can instruct his lawyer from the Rochester construction accident law firm to initiate the lawsuit.

Fire extinguisher accident lands man in hospital
EYE WITNESS: Koketso Mambo

“They must pay for what they did to me. I want them to pay P1 million. The last time I saw the police was when they came to register my statement. They did not even bother to find out the damage their action has caused. I bought some medication because the public hospital did not have it and I have spent a lot of money on medical bills,” he said

Meanwhile the combi driver, Koketso Mambo said after the incident, Ramatlabama police took the fire extinguisher as exhibit.

“ Passengers’s lives were put at risk that day as the cops decided to spray that fire extinguisher inside the combi. My passengers lives are still at risk even up to today because the same police never bothered to replace it and now I’m driving a public transport vehicle without a fire extinguisher.” Said 31- year -old Mabo who went on to explain that he too is waiting for the doctor’s report to decide if he could slap the cops with a lawsuit or not.

Police Assistant Commissioner Dipheko Motube confirmed the incident. He said police were still doing their investigations to determine what action to take.

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