Botswana tourism benefits from the World Cup spill over

WILD SIGHT: Some of the tourist

The effect of the World Cup was this week evident in the tourism sector as, apart from the soccer frenzy, the local tourism industry also cashed in from the tourist spill over from South Africa.
While the main attraction is the actual soccer tournament in South Africa, many travellers have taken advantage of the local tourism peak season to explore Botswana’s various points of attraction. Among the busy tourist destination last weekend was the Khama Rhino Sanctuary (KRS) that provides prime habitat for white and black rhino as well as over 30 animal species including more than 230 bird species.
An elated KRS Manager, Moremi Tjibae said the sanctuary was experiencing one of the best visits in years and has attributed this to the ongoing World Cup in South Africa. “We’re getting a lot of South Africans and many international tourists, some of whom are en route to the Okavango Delta while some take advantage of our affordable rates to while up time while awaiting to get back to South Africa to watch their respective teams.”
Mario du Plessis, a South African farmer, was amongst the convoy of tourists that visited the KRS last weekend and said it was a perfect opportunity for him to take his family out. “We took advantage of the extended school holidays in South Africa and instead of visiting the already packed game parks I decided to bring my family and friends to Botswana. The rates here are quite reasonable and from here we’ll be heading to the Okavango and Chobe areas,” he said.
Retired German architect, Adrian Aloysius came to Africa last month and stayed with friends in Namibia. Last weekend he stopped by on his way to South Africa and watched his country play against Australia on Sunday from a projector screen at the sanctuary’s restaurant. “I’m having a blast here. It’s a totally different environment from home and after the world cup I’ll stay in Botswana for a while and visit the Okavango Delta.”
Principal Public Relation officer in the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, Archibald Ngakayagae says the ministry expects more tourists to visit especially towards the end of the World cup. “I believe we’ll benefit a lot from the spillage in the coming weeks. The hope is that fans whose teams would be eliminated early would want to go back to their countries after seeing more of Africa and this will be good for the tourism sector.”

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Surely the most boring world cup in decades.a week into the tournament and its already the lowest scoring 32 teams tournament,the hosts are on the brink of an early exit,no free kick goal,1 long range goal and the only world cup i have ever seen in decades with 45% empty sits


2k ur talkin bull**t, why don u go play urslf.sis u wil make me vomit!!!


mmualebe oa be a bua la gagwe so stop atacking others for the way they view stuff.a kalo!


@karabo Stop writing childish stuff.i was merely saying there are not enough goals when you compare this world cup to other world cups and that bafana bafana didnt do us justice by facing an early exit.why are yo so mad.

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And yes according to stastistics its officially the most boring worldcup in the competition’s 80 year [email protected] your mother doesnt own the fifa world cup so i think i can critisize

Chris M

If you love football, you would care less about any of that negative talk! I’m enjoying the world cup, though from a distance! This is history in making for our continent and I don’t care about any critcism, bar the vuvuzela screech! The rest of the world will come up with all kinds of craze to keep this money spinning spectacle from Africa! I will never fall for any of that!


@ chrism i dont think you guys understand what im not doubting the quality of hosts or africa or the saying teams are being overly defensive and the goals are not coming the way i would have liked

Chris M

I know 2K! It’s alright! I don’t like them vuvuzela’s though!


A re tsweleleng re dire go re ba tle

Sum guy

vuvuzelas r okay on tv but w8 til a bright spark blows one infront of you eish!!! Ya this world cup is below par in terms of teams per4mance. but its bin run wel even tho sum critics say the German 2006 one wz mor smooth. nyway i’m glad we r gettin sum tourist here! this has bin dubbed “Africa’s World Cup” its tym it starts feeling lyk 1. I wanna b able 2 “Feel It” ke le mo ghetto.


Guys what hve u expectd frm Bafana boys, a lo lebala gore thy didn’t fight 4 this thy went thru automatically nd dnt blame them its their first tyme to take part in the world cup. Give da boys second chance thy wil get there in the near future.


hey thanx to baagisanyi ba rona ka world cup, a di tswelele di tle ditourists,am sorry as for the south african i want them to loose cause ba re shaota thata, we try to support them ka lerato the nxt thing ba bua matlakala ka batswana.Batswana are a loving nation ke ipotsa gore masasa ba tla lemoga leng golo moo.


dont hv a prblm with world cup, less goal clearly shows gore bolo is improving, why cant we give defence a credit in preventing more goals kana selo se ga se bolo tloa. Nna tota like Chris M am enjoying it kwa ke leng teng

g wizzy

tota nna hehela!!! i m not impressd with african teams so far…..cameron definitely out, SA practically out, ivory coast probably out algeria literally out, nigeria shooting themslvs on th foot to go out, ghana hopefully, hopefully, kare hopefully batho ba modimo IN!! our hope is in ghana nd too bad for ivory coast it ws a case of a good tomato put in with other good tomatoes and and one bad one. bt we only need two very good tomatoes at th end of day!!! othrws i am happy tourism ene o bona sumfing!!:)


@monza do u really watch or follow soccer?Its the third time SA has been to the finals after France 98 and Korea/Japan 2002.SA has made Africa proud and we should appreciate.Atleast mayb from now e tla re o raya lekgoa o re “im from Botswana” a bo a sa re “u min in SouthAfrica?”.Even if they exit at group stages, they have a lot to celebrate.and i will join the party. im glad we getting something out of it thru tourism.


hey g wizzy well said waitse you just know how to analyze this things ,and ke eng we are cash money


nna fa esale dis world cup e simolola ga ise ke bone le fa e le tourist epe, madi a lo reng a ya tourism a ko le age just one international stadium tlhe batswana ke a le kopa.


I thought this article was about tourist spillage to Botswana because of the world cup … (Finally Botswana benefits from the world cup) … The article is not talking about goals being scored or the wolrd cup boring … why not make your comments relevant to the article …


a lware madi a ile kae hee? akere a tsene ka di-personal pockets….


@Tshegaingate,thanx for understanding the topic,ke tsaya gore ke wena fela yo o iteilweng letsogo,o thaloganya sekgoa,ijaa ke ipotsa gore ba bangwe ba bua ka eng tota,ha nne ke le morutabana ke ne ke tla kwala ka red pen kere(out of topic,please see me.


i hope retla bona ditiro…lega…ija mme ke itshware