Fighting from a tight corner
BCP LEADER: Saleshando

I see no need to pressurise Kgosi Tawana to publicly endorse me- Saleshando

Maun West Constituency has attracted massive interest because of a tight contest between UDC’s Vice President, Dumelang Saleshando, BDP’s Reaboka Mbulawa and AP’s Moalosi Sebati.

The Voice Reporter, DANIEL CHIDA spoke to the BCP’s President this week about the campaign.

Q. How is your campaign going?

My campaign in Maun has been progressing well. The area has unique challenges totally different from Gaborone.

Basics like water are a challenge given unreliable supply.

Road infrastructure is poor, tourism sector is foreign dominated, and agriculture is a frustrating venture on account of cattle diseases and wildlife while health and education are in a bad state.

Although the issues appear overwhelming on account of neglect by the BDP, I am convinced that Maun can turn the tide with strong leadership, which is what I offer as a candidate.

My effectiveness as a legislator is well known by many in the Maun West constituency.

Q. Your campaign team has been accused of campaigning along tribal lines, why that?

There is no need to campaign along tribal lines. Like the rest of Ngamiland, Maun is home to many tribes that have coexisted side by side for decades.

The different tribes know that the root cause of their state of under development in the midst of abundant natural resources is the BDP and not their narrow tribal differences.

I have never been the person that promotes tribal tensions.

I am a son of a Moyei man, born to a Mongwaketse mother, married to a Mokgatla woman.

I am an embodiment of the tribal diversity found in Botswana.

I have never been one to discriminate any Motawana and play the divide and rule game, as has become the trend promoted by BDP leadership.

For me, we are all Batswana, there is no Motswana wa Sekei or Motswana wa mmala wa sebilo

Q. How do you think UDC will fair?

I am confident that the UDC will do well.

We have strong and motivated men and women who are driven by a vision for a better Botswana.

Our team looks beyond the limits of the naked eye and aspires for what the average person considers impossible.

We have a plan, as articulated in our manifesto that will deliver Decent Jobs and Decent Lives.

Our opponent on the other hand is in a bad state.

The BDP has never been in such disarray.

Three opposition parties are offsprings of the BDP.

Like a person suffering from leprosy, it’s body parts are falling all over the place.

Their manifesto also shows that the party is also brain dead.

Their time in government is over.

Q. Masisi dismissed your manifesto, can you share how you will deliver.

The 100,000 jobs that we promise will be delivered.

Rwanda with fewer resources is able to create over 100 thousand jobs year after year.

Masisi should tell Batswana how many jobs he plans to create if 100k is too much for him and the BDP

Q. Some people seem to be more comfortable working with you than with Boko, what is it that you are doing right?

We do have different skills.

He has managed to stabilize the BNF and helped it to shed off its propensity for unending conflict.

Our different skills make us a stronger team.

Together, we are unmatched by any political party.

The parties we lead have members who have not been attracted to politics by the smell of bank notes and tenders.

We have a political base of convicted politicians, not tenderpreneurs.

Q. With Boko’s court case still hanging over his head if he is de registered, would you be ready to lead?

The issue about Boko is a storm in a teacup.

Let’s wait for the facts to be presented in court.

I am certain he will emerge victorious and lead us into government.

The challenges he faces are a necessary prelude to show the Nation that he will not be deterred by frivolous side issues.

I am certain he will come out stronger and ready for the high office.

Q.Is UDC paying for Boko’s tax liabilities?

He is handling his own tax issue.

The UDC is not involved.

The BURS issues, such as the one involving the aircrafts, are certainly political.

Should the need arise; UDC leadership will intervene alongside its leader.

Is it true that you were excluded from UDC sponsorship negotiations with Bridgette Motsepe?

From what has been reported in the media, no one from the UDC has held any meeting with Bridgette Radebe or any member of the Motsepe family.

Not long ago, Patrice Motsepe was a guest of the BDP and blessed them with a P1 million cheque.

If the family no longer wishes to continue as a BDP Blesser, should they be put on the visa list and stories peddled that they are evil and now want to Bless a different party?

Hell no, I think President Masisi must explain why the Motsepe family is now an enemy of Botswana and return the money the BDP received from them in the past.

Motho yo o nkgang, o nkga le di tsa gagwe.

Q. Kgosi Tawana Moremi is the kingmaker at Maun West, have you lobbied him to endorse you?

I have had a good relationship with Kgosi Tawana from my days as MP.

He is my Kgosi and I see no need to pressurise him to publicly endorse me.

He knows my strengths and has in the past spoken positively about my political profile.

If he sees it necessary, he may make a pronouncement one way or the other.

The Kgosi Tawana that I know will not make any endorsement as a result of being lobbied.

He is a man who always speaks his mind.

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