FIFA AGENTS: Khalil Mahjoub and Wissem Aloui with a BFA official

Botswana Football Association is currently undergoing transformation on the registration of players and all football stakeholders. FIFA sent two delegates to BFA to implement the new licensing which will among many things curb age cheating which has been a problem in African countries.
The new computerised licensing system is designed in a way that players are tracked from their childhood playing age.
”This system will allow the respective football associations to build their own data bases of all the football stakeholders. It has emerged that there is lack of data base in Africa. There is lack of monitoring of players, ”Khalil Nahjoub told Voice Sport in an interview The FIFA agent said the licenses are unique and a player will have one number for his entire career so that it becomes easy to track. Players will easily download the application forms and fill them. They will also have their history written in the license card.
In Europe the system has been used for a very long time and because of technology it has been easy to make the system link with that of the clubs. The main challenge in Africa has been the fact that a lot of clubs are basically operating without the basic office equipment and internet.
Africa was embarrassed at the last under-17 world cup where super powers Nigeria had almost half the team being sent back  home because they were far older  than the required age.
The new licences are the size of Botswana’s national identity and will include among others, the players picture, identity number, birth date number and all players will have certified certificates from doctors that show that they are healthy enough to play competitive football.
The new system will have to be effected in the coming season and no player will be cleared  to  play without it. This will also apply to all football stakeholders who are regularly involved in the game.
”FIFA wants the system to be put into practice by the beginning of next season, so Botswana should be ready. We have already been to Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique this past month. The aim is to have covered all African countries by the end of this season,” he said.

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That is well a come development, and although it comes with challenges our teams will have to help thier players to comply to this demand! otherwise its time for changes so, Arechecheng!


Good for the upcoming youngsters and bad for the current crop of players we have in our teams. I wish this could be implemented but,not this time around. Our national teams are full of age cheaters. I will be looking foward to see how this the system succeed in amateur league