Today I write to encourage more of you to take up this challenge for yourselves. You can surely see the difference this challenge has made for me, but sadly you cannot experience the quality of life that I feel having almost completed my task to build a better body.

I FEEL back on top of the world again: stronger, healthier, more focused, more attractive, leaner and more graceful, and I know that right after I finish the challenge; I will be giving myself the next one.
The sense of freedom and control one has when one takes on a challenge for life instead of the other way round where Life metes out challenges that we feel we are not in charge of is awesome.

Most of the time we are surprised by plans others force on us or that come up through day to day living like curve balls out of the field.  We can only react but what if you create your own challenges that you can have complete responsibility for with goals you are aware of and that you know will give you better health; mind, body and soul?

It is summertime already and our cupboards are shedding the clothing we hide behind in winter time. Don’t you want to look and feel your best ever this year? You may have seen there is a competition running through my gym where YOU can achieve great results, and the chance to win up to P7,500.00 first place for the best transformation.

You will also be motivated and encouraged to give the gift of charity to BOSASNet who are offering up counseling services and education for those who suffering from or left destitute from substance and alcohol abuse within their families.

What do YOU get if YOU join the program?

  • You will receive a journal with challenge details and sample meal plans
  • Before and after body assessments
  • Free Monthly Wellness Presentations
  • 3 Month’s gym Membership at Energym health Studio
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • SPINNING class booking privileges
  • Entry to win the prize money and sponsored goods
  • A free medical check-up with our affiliated doctor.

There are packages to cater for all income brackets based on the above. The Competition for cash prizes is open to challengers up until October 31st 2011, so if you need that extra incentive to get motivated, please hurry to sign up now! If you are not part of a gym but want to enter the competition and do your own challenge at home but be eligible for the prize money THIS IS AN OPTION that is open to you. My goal is to bring in as much for my chosen charity as possible, and to boost the health and fitness education and profile in our community.
So what are you waiting for?!