FCCThe Francistown City Council (FCC) has adopted the labour intensive programme as a desperate measure to cut costs of the municipality on waste collection.

Charles Amos, the Francistown City Clerk confirmed that the council has taken a leaf from Khama’s labour intensive book.

He said a total of 460 people have been hired to collect garbage around the city of Francistown.

“It is a temporary measure for this financial year (2013/14),” said Amos in an interview with The Voice this week.

He said the council adopted the labor intensive based approach with the intention to save money during these trying times.

FCC, whose main financier is the government through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, is still struggling to make ends meet due to the ugly effects of the world credit crunch which befell the globe in 2008.

Amos said the garbage collectors are hired by Ward Development Committees (WDC) and are paid at the same rate like those enrolled under the controversial Ipelegeng programme.

“The refuse collectors are under the technical supervision of officers the council’s Waste Management Department,” said Amos.

According to Amos, the development will result in the council saving close to P4 million per month.

FCC has been spending close to P7 million per month on refuse collection while utilizing private companies to perform the cleaning of the city, he said.

Money saved on refuse collection expenditure will then be used to purchase compact trucks because the current ones are constantly breaking down, he said.

He said the council has been spending a lot on fixing the current compact trucks.

Instead of fixing, Amos said it is better to buy new ones hence deciding to come up with this cost cutting measure.

“The money envisaged to be saved will also help to purchase machinery like tractors to help clean the environment,” he said.

Local Government and Rural Development Ministry has been urged local authorities to be innovative and introduce cost cutting measures.

This latest development by the FCC has been described as a move in the right direction towards being innovative.

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