The Francistown City Council (FCC) is owed more than P10 million by the residents in building material loans and service levies, the Deputy Mayor Joyce Ndove has said.

Addressing the second 2013/14 full council session on Monday, Ndove said the council is still struggling to recover more than P3 million of building materials loans and about P6 million in service levies from the residents.

“The amount collected accounts for a mere 1.5percent. We need to put more effort in revenue collection,” said Ndove.

An amount of P131 730 was expected for the month of July this year, she said. However, a paltry P22 700 was collected that is 17.2 percent of the whole amount that was expected to be collected last month.

In the same manner, the building materials loans payment amounting to P179 547 was expected for the month July but only P70 958 was collected, she said.

Ndove said the city council managed to collect revenue accounting for a mere 40.2 percent throughout the month of July.

For the building materials loans arrears, Ndove said an amount of P3 683 142 was expected to be collected last month.

However, only P112 097 was received accounting for a collection rate of an insignificant 3 percent, she said.

“This is evident enough that there is poor revenue and arrears collection for both accounts,” said a worried Ndove.

She then pleaded with councilors to embark on a house-to-house collection campaign in order to encourage the community to pay their arrears.

“Non-payment of arrears by both residents and beneficiaries has crippled development in the country’s second largest city,” she said.

She added that the city council is failing to collect garbage in the homesteads due to non-payment of service levy by residents.

She also said some developmental projects have been shelved as the money is being diverted towards providing service to the residents of Francistown.

Ndove said the council will continue to send reminder letters to the plot holders as a way of urging them to pay.

Biki Mbulawa of Ikageleng West ward said councilors should do everything within their power to ensure that residents pay their arrears.

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