Father probed for daughter's death

suspected murder victim exhumed and reburied

A family in Serowe buried their daughter; Ditshotlo Santana twice after her body was exhumed for further enquiries on the cause of her death.

The exhumation and subsequent reburial on Monday amid speculations that the young woman might have been murdered by her own father, left many residents of Newton ward shocked.

25- year- old Santana was initially buried last week after she was found hanging from the rafters and her cause of death assumed to be suicide.

Speaking in an interview, a traumatised family member divulged that the woman was found hanging in a toilet in the yard and she was certified dead on arrival at the hospital.

She did not leave a suicide note and she was subsequently buried a week later.

Skeletons however came tumbling out of the mourning family’s closet when the police received a tip- off that Santana’s death could be a case of homicide.

Confirming the incident, Serowe police Station Commander, Molefhe Patrick Molefhe, who refused to go into details because of the sensitivity of the matter said, “It is true we received a report of a suicide incident involving a 25- year- old female. I cannot confirm who is involved but we did exhume her body for further examination by a pathologist. We are investigating a possible case of murder but that does not mean we have already ruled out the possibility of suicide.”

Pressed further for details Molefhe added, “ We have questioned a few of the family members. We received a report about possible foul play, which we could not ignore. But I really cannot say more than that at this point because like I have already stated, this is a very sensitive matter and investigations are still at an early stage. The pathologist has gone back to Gaborone for further examinations and we are expecting results in a few weeks time to ascertain whether her death was caused by hanging as it was assumed in the beginning or there were other elements involved.”

Although no arrests have been made so far, The Voice can confirm that the father of the deceased has been questioned.

Meanwhile an insider close to the case at the Serowe police station has revealed that cops received a tip- off from a close family member alleging that the father was involved in the death of his daughter.

“We are wondering why the concerned person waited until the young woman was buried to tell us, but of course we could not dismiss such strong allegations without investigations. That is why we went ahead to exhume her body for tests. We hope the postmortem results would help us decide on whether to open a murder case docket or not,” said the Police source.