Father jailed for molesting daughter
BEHIND BARS: Accused father

Molepolole Magistrate Rosemary Khuto has slapped a 42-year-old man of Lentsweletau village with a three-year sentence for molesting his own daughter.

The incident dates back to the evening of June 17th, 2015 when the accused (names withheld to protect the victim) found his 12-year-old daughter with siblings and requested her to accompany him to his parents’s place.

When delivering judgment Magistrate Khuto said on the way the accused led the victim away from the road to an abandoned toilet where he proceeded to undress, touch her breasts and private parts.

The young girl is said to have asked the father to briefly let her go so she could use the toilet and then used the chance to bolt and run home to inform her grandmother that her father nearly raped her.

Delivering the sentence the magistrate said, “Prosecution has proved beyond reasonable doubt that assault was unlawful and caused by the accused. If he wanted to assist the victim in some sort of way, he could have done it at the grandmother’s place and the relationship is father and daughter, so it does not permit him to view or touch the girl’s private parts.”

The court heard that when testifying the young girl was firm and resolute in her evidence, painting a picture of a father who wanted to hurt her.

“It is a grievous and extreme act, it is the worst thing one can do, a parent indecently assaulting their own child,” said the concerned magistrate.

During mitigation the accused whose voice was shaking asked the court to take into consideration that he cared for his children and his health was not in good condition as he once had a car accident.

The magistrate however emphasised that, “The act is despicable and extreme, three years in prison effective today,” she concluded.