Father from hell
SHADOW OF DEATH: Khuwa and the twins

Man hacks, burns his three kids, hangs himself

In a savage act of cruelty, a 27 -year -old man from Tsetsebjwe village fatally hacked his three young children, 18-month-old twins and a seven-month-old baby boy with a spade before setting their bodies on fire.

Satisfied that his terrible mission was complete, Ntsunguli Khuwa, who was originally from Changate village, wrote a chilling suicide note taunting his girlfriend, the murdered children’s mother, Kelebogile Majase, 30, about what he had done.

He then walked the short distance to a nearby hill where he hung himself.

It appears that the cause of Khuwa’s behaviour, which goes against every natural instinct of a parent, was to punish the children’s mother for recently having an operation to remove her uterus due to complications with low-blood sugar.

Despite Khuwa’s objections, Kelebogile went ahead with the operation and had just arrived back from the hospital on Thursday, the day before Khuwa exacted his twisted revenge.

Heartbreakingly, it was Kelebogile and her sister Akanyang Majase who discovered the children’s scorched, still-burning bodies.

Kelebogile is currently in hospital receiving treatment for severe shock and trauma and was in no state to talk to the media but Akanyang confirmed the ghastly incident.

Narrating in graphic detail the horrific scenes of Friday the 13th, Akanyang told The Voice that she was with Kelebogile at around 9am at a neighbour’s house a few blocks away while the kids were left at home with their father.

“We noticed a dark smoke coming through the air-bricks and from underneath the door at home so we ran back to investigate further,” she said.

On the verge of tears, Akanyang told of how, upon opening the door, they found three kids lying lifeless on the floor.

“They were in flames. That monster killed them, wrapped them in a duvet, heaped their mother’s clothes on top of them and set them on fire,” she whispered.

“My sister could not believe her eyes. She completely lost it and ran to the police screaming ‘he has killed them’ over and over again.”

Her desperate cries attracted a crowd, as people abandoned their Friday morning chores to gather at the Majase household to bear witness to what Akanyang referred to as ‘bothodi’.

The grieving aunt further told The Voice of how she had to throw water over the burning bodies to douse the flames before dragging out the children’s charred remains.

“It still haunts me. Seeing my nieces burnt beyond recognition by the man who was supposed to protect them broke my heart,” she said numbly, before adding, “I don’t want this to sink in. I do not want to feel it, but deep down I know the time for me to breakdown is near.”

As she struggled to completely extinguish the fire, a group of young men followed the tracks that Khuwa had left in the sand.

“A few minutes later they came back and told us they found him hanging from a mophane tree,” Akanyang said, shaking her head sadly.

When The Voice crew arrived at the Majase residence on Tuesday morning, four days after the incident, the thick, overwhelming, putrid stench of burning human flesh was unmistakably evident inside the house.

Asked what could have led the man to commit such a vile act, Akanyang explained he had a history of violence.

Describing Khuwa as a ‘cowardly monster who deserves to burn in hell’, she said, “He was lashed twice at the kgotla for violent behaviour.”

“They already had three kids together, what more was he looking for? They both have one child each from previous relationships and the kids were living together happily.”

According to Akanyang, the note that Kuwa left behind read, ‘ke togetse ngwana wame le wa gago ba re sa ba kopanelang. Bame ke tsamaile ka bo ne, jaanong ke gone batho ba ta saalang ba bona go re ga o tshole’ (Meaning I left behind two children from our previous relationships, and I decided to leave with my children and now everyone in the village will know you can’t conceive).

Father from hell
DEADLY DESTRUCTION: Akanyang showing off burnt duvet

“This is the note that convinced me that he was indeed a monster. It is the note which nearly knocked the life out my sister, because it hit her deep inside, just a few days after removing her womb,” said Akanyang.

Bainesdrift Station Commander, Superintendent Thusego Kenyafetse confirmed the triple-murder/suicide, saying, “We found a spade and a paraffin container but we are still investigating to find out how they are connected to the murder,” said Kenyafetse.

He added they are also in possession of a note purported to have been written by Khuwa.

“But we still have to satisfy ourselves that he indeed wrote the note,” he said.

Village chief Kgosi Kgosidialwa Motsamai said he was troubled by such evil acts in his village.

“Our name is being tarnished, families impoverished by men who cannot stand-up to face the realities of life,” he said.

Motsamai said after Khuwa was lashed three strokes on his bare buttocks late April, they warned his girlfriend that she needed to be careful.

“Two weeks later he does this. This is the darkest day in the history of the village,” said the shocked chief sadly.

The children were laid to rest on Thursday morning.

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