Father demands P20 000 for daughter's pregnancy
FED-UP: Kgosi Kabelo

Mogoditshane headman for Bobididi ward, Kgosi Mantikele Kabelo last Thursday dragged his daughter’s boyfriend to the customary court to demand payment for damages.

An unapologetic traditionalist, Kabelo, 63, was unflinching in his demand of P20 000 from 32- year -old Mandela Montlwetsi for impregnating his 24 –year- old daughter.

Stating his case in court he said, “By the time our family informed Montlwetsi’s family about the pregnancy, we were shocked to learn that he has many children around the village, but that shouldn’t stop him from supporting this one.”

Explaining how he arrived at the P20, 000 fine, Kabelo said he had asked for the standard and traditional charge of eight cows at P2 500.00, each for damages.

“When I recently met Montlwetsi in the company of his mother, he promised that he would have finished paying me by now, but he has not honoured the promise so far,” stated the frustrated old man.

Given a chance to ask questions before court, the father of the child complained about how Kabelo had gone out of his way to humiliate him by bringing him to court when he knows very well that he was too broke to pay such a hefty fine.

“I have nothing to offer to this man, I just don’t have such big sums of money to give him,” lamented Montlwetsi.

Father demands P20 000 for daughter's pregnancy

When asked by the presiding chief to define his relation to Montlwetsi, Kabelo violently shook his head from side to side and said, “All I want is for him to pay damages. I don’t know him. (Ke batla a duele tshenyo ya ngwanake! ga ke mo itse le go mo itse).

The Presiding officer, chief Tswina Mochudi asked Montlwetsi to negotiate the charge down to a price that he felt he could afford and immediately the younger man proposed a payment of two cows, which infuriated the old man.

Giving Moutlwetsi a stern look, the old man said he could only settle for 6 cows or P16 000 in cash and nothing less.

Chief Mochudi ordered him Montlwetsi to pay the old man within a month or face deputy sheriff.

Kabelo’s daughter was not present at her boyfriend’s trial.

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