FLAT OUT: Pizza delivery man Fanyana receives attention after his fall

A fast food delivery man narrowly escaped serious injury when he fell off his motorbike at high speed.

The accident near Mahube Primary School in Francistown followed an early morning delivery of pizza last Monday. People who saw the incident spoke of a scene that resembled a movie stunt as Khumbulani Fanyana, 31, and his bike flew into the air and fortunately landed the other side of a freshly dug trench.

Eye witness Kefilwe Dierenge described what happened. “The whole thing took place so fast it was over in a flash.  All I can say is that the two motor cyclists were following each other in hot pursuit, when the one in front reduced speed as he approached the bend. Unfortunately his mate realized too late that the road was curving ahead, and when he saw the impeding danger he slammed on his brakes at full speed. Immediately the bike and the driver went flying into the air.

It was very dramatic, but fortunately occurred near the hospital so he didn’t have far to go for treatment,” she said.

Commenting on the mishap Debonairs owner of the Francistown outlet John Roogen said: “We are thankful to the good Lord that the young man only sustained minor injuries. I personally took him to hospital where he was attended and later discharged. I did not press for details of what happened since the poor guy was in pain.

“At the moment he has taken a couple of days off to recuperate,” he said, adding his thanks to members of the public and hospital staff who helped.

According to a fellow staff member Fanyana was still nursing wounds from a previous accident on his motorbike. “He will probably now be taken off the road and given duties in the kitchen,” the co-worker said.

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O ne a kgweetsa matakala, this is what we call road rage, its a lesson learnt the hard way, he will never forget it. o taa itse gore ga go tshamekelwe mo tseleng.


Batho ba dikuta ba rata thata go tshamekela mo tseleng. I hope ba bangwe ba tlaa ithuta ka ene.


Thats lesson number 1 motor cyclists beware


Yeah! watch out,


Monna ya gago license o e rekile kae ka ke fa go supafala fa o nna o ole ka sekuta now and then, nna nka se reke ko o rekileng teng ka ke tshaba go nna ke ole ka sekuta ke bidikama mo di pizzeng


Re tshamikile “need for speed” le rona rra!!!!!! o bakile


yaaaaa i like it when u fall like dat u a luky u are alive ba direle sentle go go isa ko kitchening one o setse o rasa ka bike ore banyana oponeng


le lona banna le siana thata o ka re ga le akanye gore tsela ke ya rona rotlhe.
ke dumela o ithutile sengwe ngwenya. ga twe o ya kitchening, o utlwile senlte tota ngwenya? a ko ose ka wa raelesega wa iphitlhela o le mo go sone o sa fiwa teta. le ko kitchening o bereke le ba bangwe sentle PAPI! SLOW DOWN. BOLOPE KE JWA ENG?


@ darkpit i thnk u misread sese kwadilwe coz ga go isi gotwe o isitswe kitchng lelope la mmaseapei kana raseapei ke lone lele lopelang gore a isiwe kitchng


le wena monna go ka nna gatwe license e o e rekile ,kana golo fa go buiwang gore ga se lantha o kerea kotsi e,mme le gale badirile sentle ba go isa kitchineng o ne o ka tloga wa golega jaanon,,,wa tloga wa raga thokolo,,,,,