Our last “how to” feature is on a young fashion enthusiast and fashion photographer, Modisa Kodie.

Recently realizing how magnificent his photography gift is, and his love for his country, Modisa Kodie decided to collaborate with a local designer, Tlhalefang of Hibatikvah Couture.

This was to explore his gift as a fashion photographer, as well as create INTERNATIONAL standard photographs using what Botswana already had to offer, locally.

His project, titled Botswana Fashion Photography by Brilliant Kodie graced Francistown, Gaborone, and Mochudi transforming these locations into a visual fashion inspired story.‘ I want the world to know that in a small country called Botswana there is a boy who loves fashion photography and would love to serve the world’ he said. ‘I also hope to expose the beautiful talent that Botswana has’.

Determined, inspired and a go-getter! These are the kind of projects and stories that we have also implemented and love to associate ourselves with.

We are here to build Botswana fashion through our talents and stories.

Go on follow your dreams, whatever field or industry your heart desires- it doesn’t always have to be fashion, but whatever it is, do it with fashion or not at all!

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Model: Tamara Lopang
Designer: Tlhalefang of Hibatikvah Couture
Assistant: Raymond Geofrey
Photographer: Modisa Brilliant Kodie of Kodic

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