Who makes your clothes?

In the world of fashion, we tend to focus on what to wear, how to wear it and forget an important aspect of fashion – which brings us to our important and main question for this month, who makes your clothes?

Dubbed “true fashion and lifestyle movement”, in its second annual running, this years’ fashion without borders fashion show will take place at The Three Chiefs Monument, CBD, Gaborone on May 7th 2016.

Here to show this season’s immaculate must-have items and predict the fashion forecast for the upcoming seasons are local designers: Glotto, Lorato Barwaabatsile, Lame Chilume, Betty Seatlholo, Boitumelo Seboko and Nikiwe Gaorekwe. These are the fashion forward people who make some of your clothes in Botswana.
GLOTTO: Having created a fashion wave by creating a brand, Glotto, which creatively provides a new heightened inspiration for the new school fashion enthusiasts, emerging designers, creative director/stylists Mboko Basiami and aspiring make-up artist/stylist Sadie Simanyana’s Yucca collection aims at achieving the same visual delight that the plant provides to its landscape on various women around Africa.
It aims at simply displaying the duo’s current interests in, not only fashion, but also aspects of it such as art direction, beauty, design and all that is relevant to the African Youth creatively.

Local Designer: Glotto

LORATO TSHWENEETSILE: A force to reckon with, Lorato’s fashion journey is nothing short of immaculate craftsmanship and elegance. She found it fit to join Fashion without Boarders (FWB) as she believes it will uplift her, and set a print as one of Botswana’s best Young designers. Her collection tells stories of Botswana’s fashion through the use of Botswana colours, displaying harmony through hue and design.

Botswana Local Designer: Lorato Barwabatsile
Local Designer: Lorato Barwabatsile

LAME CHILUME: Switch Couture is Lame Chilume’s brain child. Having studied fashion at the London International School of Fashion (LISOF) in South Africa, this is one brand whose journey to success we wish to follow, starting at her showcase at this year’s fashion without borders.

Botswana Local Designer: Lame Chilume
Local designer: Lame Chilume

BETTY SEATLHOLO: An upcoming, degree holder in Fashion, Design and Art designer from Linea Academy (South Africa, Durban). Betty Seatlholo’s Angelina Bella label is all about feeling sexy and comfortable in clothing that makes you stand out from the rest. Her design perspective is fresh, modern with a fun twist.

Botswana Local designer: Betty Seatlholo
Local designer: Betty Seatlholo

BOITUMELO SEBOKO: Having been in the industry for 7 years, showcasing internationally and winning the BOCCIM shows for three consecutive years, and winning the presidential award for best designer in Botswana, Boitumelo has proved to be a force to reckon with in this growing industry.

Boitumelo Seboko
Local Designer: Boitumelo Seboko

NIKIWE GAOREKWE: An upcoming fashion designer from Serowe Botswana who represents Nikiwe’s Fashion House (NFH). Nikiwe’s main passion is creatively pairing two different esthetics and textures from bold colourful crotchet with leteisi (German print) to African print to silk and more. She has defied stereotypes that fashion is for petites only by making the first collection at fashion without borders “runway fits all” with the intention of creating clothes for a wide range of body shapes. This is to signify the pride for the women of Botswana who come in all different shapes and sizes but are equally beautiful.

Botswana Local Designer: Nikiwe Gaorekwe
Local Designer: Nikiwe Gaorekwe

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