Fashion twins
Fashion twins

Molebogeng Molly Malomo and Kealeboga Kelly Sebolai are not just a powerhouse in the making but twins who share everything including their persistent drive and desire to succeed.

Born in Serowe on December 25 1986 the sisters spent most of their childhood in Lobatse where their father worked. They unfortunately lost both their parents at the tender age of 13.

Despite the challenges they faced and hectic schedules as fulltime employees, Molly and Kelly followed their passion for fashion and set up Mollz and Kellz Fashion Brand.

Fashion twins
TWO PEAS IN A POD: The driven twins

“Our ambition is to change the perspective of how people look at life. We want to instill positivity and fulfillment through our talents and have great impact in the community” shares Molly.

Through their shared interests in motivational speaking, writing and fashion they wish to not only generate additional income but also make a positive influence in the lives of others.

Kelly explains where their love for fashion emanated from.

“During our university days, we used to envy our peers who could afford clothes. We marveled at how they combined different styles and brands and we didn’t want to be left out. We had to learn to utilize the little we had to fit in. How you look is important, but I also learnt that what is more valuable is how you feel about how you look. I believe that is what fashion should be. Fashion has to be about how the inner you feels about what you wear, it has to be about comfort accompanied by confidence. I see clothes as a sense of liberation.”

Molly expands; “Clothes do not just cover the body, they reveal personality, and they enhance confidence making a person feel great about themselves.”

It is against this backdrop that the sisters set up their outfit to incorporate these aspects in their fashion brand.

Fashion twins
The twins don’t mind dressing the same

Though the two admit that fashion is individualistic they both concur that mood and occasion dictate what they choose to wear on any given day.

The sisters admit that unlike some who go to great lengths to distinguish their appearance, they enjoy matching their looks. Kelly says they spent most of their lives dressing alike even as teenagers.

“We really don’t mind dressing the same. However, we try to avoid it, so we don’t confuse people. But we do wear the same hairstyle quite often, almost always.”

Molly adds that; “More often than dressing alike we wear matching outfits, either in design or color, but hardly ever the same. Though for a few photos we have dressed exactly the same.”

The sisters share their amusement as they say close friends and family can easily tell them apart but strangers struggle even when they are not dressed alike.

Recently the sisters opened an outlet at Northgate mall to grow their fashion brand.

They juggle their time to also work on a book they are co authoring and working with charity organisations such as the Masiela Trust Fund.

“Being able to empower someone is the most powerful thing we have come to appreciate. Words strengthen the mind and there is nothing that a strong mind and a strong character cannot achieve. We dream of seeing young people that are strong and self-reliant, but this does not take away the support that is necessary from those that can help.” Kelly shares. She further shares that the two spend a lot of time in prayer. “We are absolutely nothing without God and the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as our savior.”

In unison the sisters agree that they learn from each other and draw inspiration from others.

Fashion twins
PROUD BATSWANA: Fashion twins

“Our elder sister Hildah is amazing. She is one of a kind. When we lost our parents at 13, she took on the role of being a parent. She was very patient with us. She worked hard to provide till we could take on that responsibility.”Kelly goes on to disclose that they are also grateful to Magogodi Dabutha.

“We love her like she is our own mother. That woman would never sleep if she even suspected that we were troubled by anything. I have also seen a lot of inspiration and love from my husband. He supports all my dreams and I hope I support his too.”

The sisters admit that though they wish to attain international success, they pray that their base remains “home” Botswana.

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