Brilliant Kodie is a seasoned, heavy weight street style photographer that re-defined street style in Botswana.

Having worked with ELLE magazine SA as their first non-South-African street style photographer, he has shot prominent fashion figures Africa has to offer and also worked with esteemed South-African brands such as Puma South Africa and 32 Clothing Shop amongst others.

Today he’s our smart living inspiration and we get to pick his brain on fashion and more.

Please share your smart living tip?

Being economical doesn’t mean you’re not cool.

I always see people misuse the little they have trying to keep up with trends but forgetting that buying an item on sale is no fashion sin.

Fashion is..

Fashion is a person’s own definition of comfort. My definition is very subjective but that’s what fashion is.

An investment piece men should own?

An ideal piece that a man should own for me is definitely a bottle of cologne.

This gives a man’s character. I believe a man’s esteem lies on how they smell.

Favourite fashion thing to own?

Not going to base my answer on anything that can be purchased, but I believe this one thing would be an Instagram account.

Not only does it allow you to build your visual character but it’s also so essential in showering you with great ideas on how to be fashionable, this is why I feel it’s important to own an account.

Favourite local designer?

At the moment it’s definitely Glotto!

These two ladies artistry is not only phenomenal but the fact that their creations get great recognition on social media always warms my heart.

They are proving to us that social media is ideal in setting up a good business.

Favourite local fashion person to follow?

My favorite person to follow right now is definitely Ludo Matebesi.

She is an upcoming blogger who is so passionate about creating good visuals. Her work always inspires me!

Local person who should be styled?

Local person who should be styled, I would love to style the president but on a serious note, for me it has to be my favorite Radio presenter Zizi of YARONA FM.

I would do cool things to her.

Follow Kodie on instagram @brilliantkodie, facebook @BE BRAVE WITH KODIE and his website

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