By Francinah Baaitse
Police faked self inflicted death to cover their brutal killing, relatives suspects

THE Police have denied allegations that they could have brutally tortured a suspect to death and left him to rot in the wilderness.
Station Commander of Woodhall Police station in Lobatse, Cyprian Magalila said the Police have never arrested Thapelo Ntwaagae whose skeleton was found at a hilltop in Magotlhwane village separated from its head last week Wednesday.
But the 31-year old deceased’s uncle George Arbi(67) who is threatening to sue the police for the alleged murder said the police killed his nephew following an arrest. Although he was basing his evidence on hearsays when talking to The Voice early this week, Arbi maintained that he had, “evidence that can be proven before a court of law that the Police arrested him sometime in March and he was never seen alive. He was wanted for stock theft by Lobatse Police and by Ramotswa Police for another case of stealing by servant at the South East Council where he worked as a Mechanical assistant. I have witnesses to prove the arrest,” he explained.
Ntwaagae’s terribly decomposed remains were buried last week Wednesday in Mogobane after the Tuesday discovery.
Information gathered from Magotlhwane chief, Kgosi Johnson Phiri, is that the remains were accidentally discovered by a herd-man who was looking for cattle up hill.
“He came running to report the matter to Magotlhwane sub Police station who then contacted Lobatse Police station. I then drove the two Police officers and the witness to the scene where we found the body in a terrible state. No fl esh was left except for few strands of hair on the skull. It appeared he had committed suicide by hanging from a tree branch with a rope and the extend of the decomposition indicates the incident occurred well before April,” said Phiri.
The village chief added that, “it appears as the body decomposed it separated from the head and fell to the ground and the head fell directly on his lap,”
But Arbi doubts that logic and maintains that Ntwaagae was killed for being a nuisance to the Police. “He fooled the Police twice and escaped right under their nose, said Arbi.
He suggested that the Police’s frustration could have driven them to brutality.
“The corpse was left to rot so that the damage done by the Police could be concealed. His body was lying in a straight angle as if he was laid there after he was killed. The branch where he supposedly hanged himself is too low and surprisingly there are no scars on the barks to show that indeed a rope had been hanging a heavy object from that tree for weeks,” Arbi contended.
The deceased’s aunt, Siamisang Bogatsu and her husband Kgang Bogatsu were equally not buying the suicide story.
“The tree branch is too low for a tall person that Ntwaagae was. The truth is not coming out here,” said Kgang Bogatsu.
The chief on the other hand suspects that the man committed suicide.
“He was wanted by both Lobatse and Ramotswa Police. He had no where to run because he could not go back to his place of work in Ramotswa, neither could he return to his home village in Mogobane where he was wanted in connection with alleged stock theft. He therefore decided to hide in the hills and ultimately he grew tired of hiding and killed himself.”
Meanwhile the family awaits the report of a Pathologist who conducted a postmortem test at the scene last week Wednesday.

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Bon Mad

Nyaa ba mapodise, re baitse ba ntse jalo. They brutally killed my cousin ba re o bagasitse ka masepa last, so we keep on wondering who is next!