IN HOT SOUP: Pastor Jackson

Broadhurst Magistrate Thato Ramaja has withdrawn a case in which Apostolic Church of Johane Masowe Pastor; Jackson Hubani is accused of giving false information in application for registration of Botswana national identity card. (Omang)
Court heard that on February 05, the 49-year-old Pastor from Zimbabwe at the Department of Civil and National Registration in Gaborone claimed to be a Motswana and obtained Omang knowing that the information is wrong.

It is alleged that he furnished an employee of Civil and National Registration that he is a Motswana named Jackson Hubani, which investigations have revealed are not his real names. 

State Prosecutor Sub Inspector Onkemetse Modukanele told court that this is a fresh matter as the accused was arrested over the weekend and their investigations have just started.

She asked court to extend Hubani’s remand for three months for prosecution to complete its investigations. Modukanele said the matter involves many departments and Interpol so they need more time. 

Magistrate Ramaja objected to prosecution plea. She asked them why they registered the case if they are still investigating. 

“What’s the rush? Why didn’t you do your investigations for those three months and register the case when you are ready with facts? No I will not allow that,” said Ramaja
Modukanele asked Magistrate to step the matter down and went outside court with the accused’s attorney Busang Manewe to discuss way forward.

She came back and told court that prosecution is withdrawing the case to be registered at a later stage.