I recently met a 22 years old young lady who managed to attract all my attention with her life story.

You know I used to think that I’m one of most determined young people in the world, but I was brought to think twice about my determination and drive. There are some people who are put under difficult circumstances that push them to work hard and forget all about fun, sleep and leisure time.

This young lady made me really understand what people mean when they say “Life is tough”. The young lady openly told me that she was a student at one of the private schools in Gaborone which offer re-sitting for those who didn’t do well in their form five exams.

Now, not only is she a student, she also works as a security guard in order to pay her tuition. From the early morning to the evening she’s on duty then at night she’s at school and maybe gets two hours of sleep if she’s lucky. Now this has been her life routine for two years as she had to re-write her form three in order to progress with her education so basically she’s been tackling a job and school from the age of 20.

I then asked her how she is coping with all of this, surely she must have frequent breakdowns, I think I’d already be sleeping safe and sound in my grave if I had to go through such. Anyhow she said it’s a huge challenge for her because her bosses do not like the fact that she’s furthering her studies and therefore are not supporting her.

In fact she’s given odd shifts so they clash with her school time and she’s constantly given warnings for bringing school books to work because it’s either she comes straight from school or goes straight to school after work. Yea ne, talk about the hard life.

Not only does she have to deal with the animosity she gets at work, she also has to face her mother who is fully against her daughter furthering her studies and trying to live a better life. I was very surprised to hear this, I mean, who would have thought that a mother would be against their child enhancing their education to get a better job, and would rather their child work as a security guard for their rest of their life.

Yep, the mother is constantly swearing at the child to quit school because all her pay is used to pay tuition. I then thought of the books I’ve read, the short movies I’ve watched and the stories I’ve heard of mothers who are exactly like this, bit really I thought this was all fiction.

Ha e le gore ke nnete then tota hela, all I have to say is “Lefatshe le a lwala”. What amuses me about this girl is that, even though she has so many challenges thrown at her, she still manages to keep her head high and keep on going especially that the one person who should be supporting her and re-assuring her that all shall be well soon, her mother, is against her.

Guys this is the determination and drive that we all need as young people, maybe then, just maybe, we will prosper in life. Don’t wait for such unfortunate things to happen to you for you to work that hard. Remember you shape your own success, don’t wait until it is too late.


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The simple truth is that i posted comments on the internet while overseas, people in botswana liked, but i didn’t really like the attention it got, so I stopped posting comments all together hoping that eventually people would do the normal thing and give up after some time but it never happed until i came back here, I would be getting out of the country again soon, to go and teach english in some asian country.


I couldnt even relate to what people are saying out there, they must be talking about some non existent entity or something, i dont know what you talking about, and i wonder where they get that from, I never had anything like that, and i will be active in politics within the next five years.