We know that nowadays it’s all about face book, everyone is “face booking” including my Mmamogolo, ya ne… It’s currently the most visited, widely used social network in the world and seems to affect and influence a lot of peoples’ lives, especially the youth. We basically open up our lives for everyone to take note of by posting our personal information.
Most of us use face book as a communication mode, which was the main reason for its establishment.
We chat with our friends and families who are hundreds and thousands of kilometers away, get invites to parties and other events and the most interesting part, we do get a chance to communicate and meet new people from all over the world.
And despite all these positive things it has seriously affected some people especially the youth. Some have yet neglected their school work because they are addicted to it. I always find it amazing when someone just visits the library to get access to log into face book.
Again now days when applying for a job, the employers actually look into things like face book to see what kind of person you are.  Oh, and one thing that just bothers me the most is when people just randomly ask for your number on face book, that’s not on guys, STOP DOING THIS! You know I sometimes wonder if the problem is the network or the people using it. I took to the streets of UB and asked a few people what they think of the famous network.

Ann Hobbs

Ann Hobbs:
How often are you on face book?
I’m on face book 8-10 hours a week.
How has face book influenced your life?
It becomes a problem when you go to the library to research and end up being on face book the whole time. It can really get addictive you know. It’s fun sometimes but it can really get annoying especially when you get lots of friends requests from people you don’t know and people posting funny, nasty stuff on your “wall”. The best part is that face book saves a lot of airtime.
Do you think face book is the problem or the users are the problem?
It’s definitely the users. Face book was designed for people to meet and interact but now we find stalkers, killers looking for victims on face book. And as people update their status regularly these bad people can easily track where you are.

Ngodya Chimbwete

Ngodya Chimbwete
How often are you on face book?
I just got a blackberry so it’s almost every hour of the day.
How has face book influenced your life?
Basically I can chat with my high school friends and recently my high school principal sent me a message on face book. Again any product that you want to sell, face book is a great opportunity.
Do you think face book is used appropriately?
Some people do and some don’t. I don’t use face book to sell myself but rather to communicate with all my friends all over the world. Face book just makes communication easier. I feel like face book is personally fulfilling. The thing is when one wants to use it for a minute, it turns out to be an hour.

Laura Stolp

Laura Stolp – international student
How often do you use face book?
I use it 10 minutes a week.
How has face book influenced your life?
It helps me communicate with friends and family especially when I’m abroad like now. I use it to communicate with my group members to talk about school projects and all. It’s negative for other people like my roommate is forever on face book.
Do you think that face book is the problem or the people are the problem?
The people are the problem. Face book has a lot of privacy options but people choose not to use them. I actually think going to class is much creepier than face book. In class we meet stalkers and these are people you can’t avoid but with face book you can choose not to have contact with the person at all.

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modisa lovy

this thing z veri addictiv ke ipotsa gore y e sa tswalwe fela waitse…e jela bale bantsi nako faele mo di-ofising i dnt thnk ppepz r effectiv enuff—


some ppl who call themselfs epidimology crimonology are insulting us help