Make up is for every girl, it does enhance our natural beauty when done the proper way.

With winter approaching it’s always a good thing to know your make up tips for the winter.

Some ladies who grazed the Face Murda event were lucky to get first hand tips from the makeup artists Belle Seabo (Belle Seabo Beauty), Letsema Le Gaefhelei (Beauty by Lei).

The practical session gave face beat tips from doing the perfect brow, eye shadow applications, foundations and all the necessary steps to get a perfect made up face.

We picked up a few tips to share while partaking in the class;

Some great tips we picked up to share;

• Every make up tool used well for its purpose will assist in getting the right look, so make sure when you buy know the functions of the tool well.

• Always build soft eye shadows first, applying a matte highlight colour against a shimmer lid shadow and make sure you just don’t overdo it

• Golden eye shadows on chocolate skin tones, golden and chocolate shades are perfect against a warmer skin tone as they make the eye pop.

• A girl can never have too much make up.

• Minimal make up during the day and enhanced during the night.


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