F/town set for 3d fun

High tech gaming centre opens in ghetto

Francistowners of all ages have a new source of entertainment to look forward to following the opening of a state-of-the-art gaming centre in the second city on Wednesday, which will teach all gamers how to use the mod strategies.

Located in Tati River Mall, The Big Players games park, owned by Chinese businessman Yang Gaol, boasts of the latest amusement and simulation machines for both young and old.

In the digitally dominated world of today, video games take centre stage in many living rooms across the planet, making traditional games such as hide and seek, scrabble, monopoly and crazy eight look distinctively outdated.

According to Gaol, the simulators, which include car, music, motorbike and dance, are a hit amongst the young generation. He is confident the youth of Francistown will fall in love with them.

“This is the first of its kind Game Park in Botswana and features the latest technology which most young people have only seen on television,” said a visibly excited Gaol in an exclusive interview with Voice Entertainment.

Gaol, who has been living in Francistown since 2010, stressed it was a no brainer to set up his business in the second city, a place he refers to as his second home.

“I’ve been here for almost 10 years now and I understand this city better. Maybe one day I’ll set up a business in Gaborone, but for now Francistown is the perfect place for this kind of venture!”

The businessman further said he believes The Big Players will change the face of Francistown and mindsets of young people in the city.

“Most of these youngsters only see these machines on television, but the world over such are used for edutainment and have inspired young people to be more tech savvy.

HI TECH GAMES: Motorbike simulators

“Hopefully these will inspire the next generation of local hi tech game inventors,” added Gaol, noting that as the world gets smaller, technology continues to be the thread which connects nations and enhances the quality of life.

“This business will enhance the cultural exchange between China and Botswana and will definitely further bolster the two countries bilateral relations,” he predicted proudly.

The enterprise currently employs 10 people but Gaol says he expects to hire two more people in a couple of days.

“I’m happy to contribute to employment creation in Francistown and to provide an entertainment centre where children and adults can share the same space for some clean fun,” he concluded.

The park boasts of the latest 3D simulators, including the Vast 9DVR simulator adventurer, survival games, sketch party TV, Anki overdrive, miniature car races, trivia quizzes and many other hi tech games popular with today’s generation.

The Big Players is open for business from 0930hrs to 2000hrs on weekdays and from 0900hrs to 2100hrs at the weekend.

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