• BDF Soldiers sexcapades revealed
• Sex starved wives break the silence
• Shocked that husbands buy and sell sex

ARMY WIVES: Some of the workshop delegates

Sex starved army wives break the silence,learn soldiers buy and sell sex

Revelations of how BDF soldiers were not only top buyers of sex in Selebi-Phikwe but also sold sex amongst themselves left many army wives shocked at an HIV/AIDS workshop recently.

The soldiers sex skeletons came tumbling out of the army closet when the Commanding Officer for 54 signals regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Morwadi Kgwatalala answered a question from a frustrated army wife during the Eastern Military Garrison (EMG) workshop for women’s club in Selebi-Phikwe last week.

Responding to the worried  wife who wanted to know why soldiers liked buying sex so much, Lieutenant Colonel Morwadi Kgwatalala said:  “You’re surprised at that. That compared to what we are grappling with in the army is nothing. Last year the commander (Lieutenant General Tebogo Masire) informed us that a report had shown that some male officers were actually selling sex to their colleagues during their long trips out in the bush. This is a more complex situation than what you are talking about.’

The question why soldiers patronised sex workers the most arose after a  “Silence Kills” programme officer who was representing District AIDS committee, Boitumelo Kopano had revealed that a study done in Phikwe had indicated that soldiers were amongst the top loyal customers of sex workers.

The workshop organized by Population Concern International to equip EMG women’s club with information on HIV/AIDS, gender awareness and gender based violence ended up providing a platform for frustrated army wives to break the silence on the abuse and neglect they suffered from their husbands in their bedrooms.

Many complained that they were starved of sex and affection as their husbands seemed distant and uninterested every time they returned from military trips.

“When they come back they just have sexual intercourse without foreplay. It’s like being raped by our own husbands. It is so bad and tempting us to look elsewhere for love,’’ said a delegate who was fully supported by other soldier’s wives.

Another sexually frustrated wife even revealed how she tried to use pornographic videos to spice up her sex life without success.

In yet another startling revelation the wives told the BDF commander that their husbands refuse to go for HIV/AIDS testing with them, claiming they  are tested every time they go away on three months long trips.

Refuting that claim senior officer Major Masilo said: “That is not true at all we do not test them. They would be lying to you. We only know about their status when they do not want to carry out a certain duty and then  they are keen to bring their results as a mitigation factor.”

The army wives also expressed concern about raising children in the  barracks with new recruits whom they said posed a risk to their daughters.

“Many of the new recruits are young and when they see our daughters they entice them to engage in illicit sex. This is common especially here at EMG,” said one of the delegates.

SPILLING BEANS: Lieutenant Colonel Morwadi Kgwatalala

Asked to comment on Lieutenant Colonel Morwadi Kgwatalala ‘s allegations of rife male prostitution in the army, the BDF mouthpiece Colonel Sharp denied that his boss made such statements.

Below is his full response


“To put the record straight, the Commander was quoted out of context because he has never said that, and the BDF does not have proof of such practices.  Contrary to your reporting, Lt Col Kgwatalala did not say some soldiers are selling, but rather said some soldiers might be selling.  During his address, the Commander cautioned the troops that of late there is a trend of sexual immorality creeping into the nation and he warned the troops to guard against getting involved in such practices.  Please note that homosexuality is a menace that affects not only the nation of Botswana, but the world over, therefore the topic cannot be discussed at the exclusion of the BDF because it happens in the society that BDF members live in.”  Colonel Sharp said in a written statement.

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Sensational journalism at its best.I am inclined to believe the what Colonel Sharp says.


Bo rre ba sesole ba ja mmele ka tsela ee gakgamatsang tota,ijoo!top buyers of sex workers.

Chris M

If you ever pretend with HIV, you would regret it! It looks like going out with a soldier is a serious risk factor for HIV! Cut the crap and clean up your act people! You will sacrifice many lives!


The last time I checked the army gets food for free, but I think most of these men are really underweight. What is going on? Not to disrespect anyone, but starting with their commander-in-chief, their commander and now look at the man in this article. If it is because of exercise, I think they are overdoing it.I think a fit soldier ought to have some flesh and his skin should be lined with reasonable amount of adipose tissue. I think they are lazy to eat and that is a dangerous sign of anorexia. I have always wondered why women are… Read more »


Le a se dira tlhe bo sekwata, kana ba dirwa ke gore ba ja dijo tsa mahala therefore madi a bone ga ba a dirise sepe thats why ba reka sex. Borra kgotsofatsang basadi ba lona or else?

borra wee why lo re isa ko tlase.kgotsofatsang basadi ba lona.”When they come back they just have sexual intercourse without foreplay” a le di prostitude le di dira jaana.


ga ke itse gore gatwe go a bo go lelelwa eng mo masoleng mme ba se na boikarabelo jaana,kana ke yo ne uniform le dijo tsa mahala? its high tym gore masole ba fetoge ba setse ba re bora gape ba rata attention.


Masole ba rata bokogodimo. Ba lebala gore batshwana le rona boesengmang, le ha ba re thapella banyana ka maaka. They are just filth. None of them knows how to take care of a civilian girl. They treat them just like an organ called the vagina. They don’t respect them as humans. They ought to be ignored.


people,where do you get this kgang ya gore soldiers get free food???not only is it untrue…there are some decent people who are soldiers,who are even better than these self righteous civillians who do bad things and yet claim they perfect!HIV is a nation wide issue which needs all to address it and combat!people are sick nowadays,and actually take pride in having multiple partners(both men and women),gagona o botoka….weather wena o utswa mo go nnye than another person,doesnt make you less of a criminal!o legodu,period!change your ways people!


where eva there is an institute naughty deeds will be seen more than good deeds…. they say the same of UB and LOBSEC etc. of course these things do happen there due to the mixing of many people


MMese o bosula o tshwana le dijo tsa spatela thats why masole ba bopama, the food is not appetising at all so they probably dont eat them..some money is deducted from their salary to pay for their food..mme hela i don like the fact that ga ba kgotsofatse basadi ba bone, heish, kante kuku e rekwang e farologana fa kae le e mo ntlong ya mosadi yo monyetseng, kgotsa batho ba batla polygamy?


ba2 hle eseng masole otlhe ao…………………….!wame ga nna jalo,re fana dijo tsa setsadi sente..


puso le yone batho. a ko bo skwata ba neelwe nako ya go tiisa malwapa


its sad reality we must face