Alliance for Progressives (AP) leader, Ndaba Gaolathe, has poured scorn on local governance system and political institutions.

Delivering his response to the 2019/2020 annual budget on Monday afternoon, Gaolathe said it cannot be pretended that local political institutions are fertile, inclusive or fortified to bring the best in resource allocation process.

He feels the three arms of government are so ill-balanced to an extent that the Executive arm is accorded immeasurable powers.

“This creates constitutionally legitimate dictatorship of the Executive and a disempowered legislature without neither the capacity nor the tools to provide meaningful oversight over the Executive,” Gaolathe told parliament.

According to the AP president, such an institutional arrangement of government breeds an attitude within government and among those who wield power within the cabinet to abuse it due to the absence of checks and balances.

Gaolathe says it is for this reason that national coffers continue to bleed, and no one is able to give an estimated figure of these leakages.

“In the midst of such serious corruption allegations, this year’s budget should have indicated the Executive‘s estimates of monies leaked over the last five or ten years as a result of corruption,” added the Gaborone Bonnington South legislator.

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