Evil child
RECOVERED: Chabaesele

Boy, 12, suspected of poisoning grandmother and neighbour

The Molepolole wife of a politician who landed in hospital after drinking contaminated tea last week has been shocked to discover that she was poisoned by her 12-year-old grandson.

Last week Boikanyo Mmualefhe, 61, and her neighbour, Omphitlhetse Chabaesele (45) were rushed to Scottish Livingstone Hospital after they were found lying helplessly in the family living room.

Chabaesele was treated and discharged, but Boikanyo who was unconscious at the time was admitted at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as her condition had worsened.

When narrating details of her ordeal after she was discharged from hospital this week, Boikanyo who is still on medication told of how she felt sickly and vomited before she passed out after drinking tea.

“The next thing I knew, I was on a hospital bed,” she said

Boikanyo said the matter was being handled by social workers and that the boy who is considered a troubled child, has been transferred to another school outside Molepolole to stay with his mother while recovering from the trauma.

Evil child
LUCKY TO BE ALIVE: Boikanyo Mmualefe

“We found out that the issue disturbed him a lot as time and again he would walk restlessly around the house and would try to eavesdrop on conversations whenever well-wishers visited. I also noticed that he was avoiding eating meals, probably because he thought I would revenge,” she said.

Chabaesele who had joined Boikanyo for tea on the fateful morning also told of how she suffered a violent bout of diarrhea after drinking the poisoned tea.

“I was immediately attended at the emergency ward and spent two days in hospital. On the third day I was released. I still feel weak ant tired because I have been restless for the whole week and have not been able to eat,” she said.

The boy’s grandfather, Moses Mmualefhe (65), said they suspected that the boy might have been trying to punish his grandmother who had recently punished him for stealing P1 950.00, which he used to buy a cellphone.

Mmualefhe who is also a farmer and Councillor for Boribamo ward believes that his grandson mixed some milk with a deadly jackal poison and kept it in the fridge before he left for school.

He said when he got home after taking his wife and the neighbour to hospital he looked around the house for any clues and he noticed that the jackal poison that he had hid on a shelf was still there.

“When I checked again later, the poison was missing. I later found some empty packets of the poison thrown in the toilet. I also found four apples wrapped in a blue plastic bag that had been in the fridge also thrown outside near the kitchen window. I just left the apples there and later on when I checked they were missing and I found them thrown in the pit-latrine,” Mmualefhe said and added that they removed the apples from the pit-latrine and covered them as they suspected that they were also poisoned.

Evil child
SHOCKED: Councillor Mmualefe

Mmualefhe said his grandson admitted throwing the apples in the pit-latrine out of panic when he heard that the old woman may have been poisoned.

“Together with my brother, Dumi Mmualefhe, we decided to stop interrogating the boy as we noticed he was traumatised,” he said

Superintendent Charles Mbengwa confirmed that the incident was reported at his station and that investigations are still ongoing.

“We are still waiting for the results from the lab. The tests were delayed because the system was down for some time,” he said.

According to Mmualefhe, the troubled boy’s behavior changed when he started doing Standard 7 as he started stealing P100.00 and P200. 00 notes from the grandparents.

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