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I had a little chat with my friend a few days back and boy what an interesting chat it was. Seeing that at the time valentines’ day was getting closer we just happened to talk about well, you know relationships of nowadays. We all know that these days go “becha” is a must when you are in a relationship especially when you are a guy. Now the catchiest part about this is that the guy will shower you in gifts, take you out and buy you airtime every week. But then a month or two down the line, the gifts start reducing, the dates become no more and airtime reduces to once a month… This I must say amazes me and I must say I never really understand why this happens.

So I asked a guy friend of mine to explain why this happens and I was indeed informed that guys actually do this unconsciously. Now at the beginning, when the guy wants to make you his, he penetrates through your life by buying you these gifts and spoiling you, the whole idea is to make you feel like you are a princess. And once you guys start officially dating he still spoils you to make you settle in the relationship. But 2 or 3 months into the relationship, the guy relaxes and cuts down on everything as there’ll be no reason for him to try impress you because well, he now has you. As for the gifts, you now get them only on your birthday or once in 8 months and with Valentine’s Day, you’ll now hear things like “I don’t need to buy you gifts just to show you that I love you” or “We celebrate our love everyday, everyday is our valentines’ day”.

Same applies to the calls and sms’s that you’ll get during the course of your relationship. When the relationship is new you’ll exchange 20 text messages a day, 6 -10 calls a day, 2 hours calls e.t.c.  But  within a month it reduces to 5 messages a day, 3 calls a day ( 1 for good morning, the other for how’s your day going and the last one for  goodnight), mind you the duration of these calls would have also reduced to 10 minutes. From 2 hours to 10 minutes! Wow! What a change… And of course another 2 weeks or so, you’ll receive a call in 2 days and maybe a sms everyday. Everything just  reduces  but you will not be able to notice this because it’s done gradually, you’ll only realize this when you sit down and actually take a short trip down memory lane, only then will reality click and  you’ll have the shock of your life.  You all know what I’m talking about akere?  Yah ne, matlhotlhapelo ruri.

Mind you guys, this doesn’t mean your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or whatever you want to call them, has stopped ‘’loving’’ you, it just means they no longer have to prove that they do love you anymore. They are safe and secure as they have you, so yea, ga go tlhokafale gore ba kgaphe sethito ba re ba leka go go charma.
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There is a saying, that, LOVE IS BLIND AND WHEN YOU GROW UP YOU GAIN YOUR SIGHT!!! Love affairs in Botswana, especially with Batswana women are like the Victoria falls. They flow in only one direction. Women love receiving only and they complain every step of the way when moves are made for the men to receive. They don’t understand love at all. The worst is that as men we are put under pressure to give the meaning of the long term relationship. We are asked about our intentions and whether we are man enough to take care of these… Read more »


Aah rona re a lapa ke go betcha re le nosi especially if sum1 ene o ipolella gore ene ke yo o receivan hela.

Chris M

So right Rarefri! We are on equal footing these days! Ladies, we should no longer have ‘victoria falls’-like one direction flowing love! LOL! It should be a balanced give-and-take relationship of mutual love and respect! I’m not saying there should be competition but you should be independent ladies if you are to be respected by those guys. Learn to turn down gifts to sure that it’s only love you are after, not the man’s money! Once you sure the man that you love him for the right reasons, he will love you forever! Confident and independent minded ladies are loved… Read more »

Chris M

Oh, ‘show’, not ‘sure’!


wena chris M o rata go correcta batho