Evening prayers take devilish turn


Evening prayers took a frightening turn for a Thamaga family, when their daughter’s former lover turned up at their home threatening bloody murder.

41-year-old Oteng Matlhape is accused of interrupting the family’s conversation with God to announce his deadly, devilish intentions.

The Marang ward man allegedly threatened his ex-girlfriend, Keamogetse Rammiki, 41, by uttering the words “Ketlile go dira sengwe, ketlile go go bolaya ebo ke ipolaya!”(I am going to do something, I am going to kill you and kill myself).

Rammiki and her relatives are said to have cowered inside as Matlhape banged against the doors and windows, his threats reverberating around the small house.

Giving evidence before Molepolole Magistrates Court, Rammiki said she peeped through the window and realised it was Matlhape causing the commotion.

She said he demanded she return his belongings, as well as all the money he had given her and the cellphone he bought her as a present.

“My mother Tiroyamodimo Rammiki and niece, Lesego Kgampi went outside to reprimand him but he failed to listen. As they were at the back, I managed to escape through the front door and jumped over the fence to report the matter to the police,” testifiedRammiki.

When given the chance to cross-examine, Matlhape claimed he had called Rammiki earlier in the day to tell her he was on leave and was coming to collect the clothes he had left at her house.

Struggling to contain his temper, the accused vehemently protested his innocence.

“You are lying! Was I shouting or telling someone that I will kill you? You only want me in prison, that’s a lie,” he blasted, speaking quickly, his voice trembling with furious emotion.

However, despite Matlhape’s fiery defence, Rammiki remained resolute and calmly insisted she was telling the truth.

In her testimony, the complainant’s niece, 21-year-old Lesego Kgampi told court Matlhape was enraged on the evening in question.

According to Kgampi, the accused had warned Rammiki that if she did not give him his money before sunrise he would kill her and then hang himself.

Outside court, Rammiki told The Voice she ended her six-month relationship with Matlhape because of his bad manners.

“I also learnt he was cheating on me with my neighbour,” she added.

Meanwhile, Senior Magistrate,Nthabiseng Merafhe-Tladi has set June 20 for ruling to decide if there is a case to answer.

The incident dates back to 12 November 2016.

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