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Ericsson forecasts rapid uptake in mobile phones

Ericsson forecasts rapid uptake in mobile phones

one billion subscribers expected by 2023

A report by telecommunications provider, Ericsson has revealed that mobile subscriptions are expected to grow at an average growth rate of 6 percent a year to just under 1 billion subscribers in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2023

Even more notable is the 16 percent growth forecast in mobile broadband subscriptions in the region from this year’s 350 million.

Mobile telephones’s impact in the region is still very much at an early stage though it has proven to play an integral part in the region’s bustling Small Medium and Micro-Enterprise (SMME’s) community.

Speaking to The Voice Money in an interview, Orange Botswana Communication’s Manager, Lame Madiba had said the company was positioning itself to lure as many subscribers as possible to their brand.

“We have exciting offers in the ‘Bua Lenna’ product,” she said, adding that since the launch, which was done last year, the offer has grown to also accommodate other networks to ensure an overall appreciation of the company’s inclusive approach to products.

“The SMME benefit of our product has proven to also boost sales for the hawkers who peddle our product on the streets,” she noted.

Madiba also highlighted that the offer is expected to lure more customers to the Orange Botswana brand as it has proven to be competitive with other offers from competing mobile service providers.

Addressing data charges complaints, Orange Botswana Go to Market Coordinator, Norbert Mathumo said consumers have to make the distinction between data validity and usage.

“We have crafted our products such that when one buys a ‘talk-time’ product, their calls are calculated in actual minutes that are deducted every time a call is made, there will be no cash association to the use of the product,, while data validity is when a customer buys the product for a specified time period,” he said and went on further to clarify that when the period for which the package was bought elapses, then the product becomes nullified, regardless of whether the buyer had not exhausted the data or not.

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