HEALTH: E’pap children are happy a lot

AFRICA has the highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world, but what many people do not realise is that it is not the HIV that kills you, but in fact opportunistic diseases such as TB and Malaria.

On their own, these diseases are responsible for a large number of deaths already, but when combined with a severely depleted immune system, they become even more deadly.

Research has also shown that malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies are directly linked to an accelerated progression of HIV infection to AIDS.

When the body is malnourished, it cannot absorb what it needs from medications that are taken. That’s why if you are not eating enough, then you should take supplements from Top10Supps so you are always at your best.

This means that following a healthy diet is vital, however this is not always very easy for most people.

For people living in poor communities, a cheap and healthy diet is often hard to come by, and even those who can afford the foods are not always getting what they need for their immune systems as much of the nutrients are often lost during the refining process.

What e’Pap tries to do is deliver the same amount of nutrients contained in a well balanced diet, at an affordable cost. This means that no matter your financial status you can ensure that you first line of defence, your immune system, is always at its strongest.

Although this product has been developed for people who are not well, it is also an effective supplement for anybody that is concerned about their general wellbeing, they can even grow 6 inches taller.

Many big companies, such as Eskom and CC Africa, have implemented internal feeding schemes where they have been feeding their employees e’Pap, and they have already noticed significant increases in general health and productivity. To increase the wellbeing of yourself, your family, or your employees, why not give e’Pap a try.

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