HOPEFUL: Presto Sebele

In 2005 a young man from Mahalapye burst into the limelight through his unique business, which offered bill paying for companies and individuals at a nominal fee.

A decade later the man is back on the spotlight, but this time around as a candidate for Alliance for Progressives, representing the Mahalapye constituency.

The Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA engaged the young politician, Presto Sebele who has also established himself as one of the best cooks around.

When did you develop interest in politics?

In 2011 we formed a group /movement. Our mission was and is to collaborate all efforts geared towards uplifting our hometown – a platform to create opportunities for the less privileged and charity work, sporting and recreational engagements, social interaction and economic advocacy for Mahalapye.

Mahalapye Mafia Sdhoko Diponeng Movement .

It’s there on Facebook and it has done many things like beach volleyball, giving to the needy and the annual hood vs hood. Which seeks to unite all the wards of Mahalapye.

You have been living in Gaborone, why Mahalapye?

Mahalapye is my motherland. Mahalapye is my beginning and end. I want to contribute as much as I can to the development of my town.

I want to provide vibrant leadership, which is premised on reasonable energy and being a servant of the people.

What are your promises to the people if you get elected?

I will first put up functional committees that will feed into master strategy and developmental goals of Mahalapye.

As the people of Mahalapye we need to reconfigure our ideals. We need to start thinking of the possibilities and opportunities that are unique to us.

We need to tap into our A1, railway line, proximity to our neighbouring South Africa, which is 75kms. We need to start drilling boreholes for our farmers in syndicated fashion so that we can export our produce.

We need to review lots of things. we shall immediately revamp our agricultural show, we shall explore possibilities of harnessing the river. We can’t just let water pass without tapping it.

If an opportunity to dam the river is viable we shall dam it.

You have been viewed as the underdog in your area, does that not concern you?

Being an underdog is actually a good thing. It removes unnecessary pressure.

The people of Mahalapye are the ones who will make the final decision.

Your area is synonymous with crime how are you intending to curb that?

Early last year we launched a programme called #KickOutOkapi in Mahalapye.

We went to all drinking spots around the village to go and meet the victims, the owners and the perpetrators. We sensitised them about the crime situation.

We had a match, we lectured at schools. We worked with the police and other stakeholders. I’m sure you must have seen the #KickOutOkapi campaign in Mahalapye West. We also did radio interviews.

We are willing to do more with limited resources. Before elections we will enter as many households to give the elderly whistles and help form cluster policing and neighborhood watch.

God willing we shall be able to re placate our slogan that says #TshubaDipone by erecting at least few street lights in the hotspot areas.

Why should people vote for you?

When you vote for me you’re voting for a new Mahalapye. You’re voting for energy.

You are voting for a consultation guy. You are voting for vibrancy.

You’re looking at a guy in his mid and prime season who says we can do it! The new Botswana and in extension new Mahalapye needs all of us irrespective of colours.

The people of Mahalapye can make that distinction. I trust them.

I have a team of elders, office administrators, councillors and a campaign manager who are working with me and also giving me direction.

Where do you think the current and past leaders failed your area?

We have infrastructure like a senior school, police stations, hospitals, clinics, almost everything that makes a town vibe.

Look at us. We are orphaned. We don’t have direction. We don’t have leaders who understand the contours of the #NewMahalapye.

Mahalapye that is competitive in sport, agriculture, and event hosting. No one seems to be bothered to address unemployment, tap into our rich artistry. Look at Hanceford, Tsarabutsere, Docksie, DJ Evrry, Payne, the list is endless, those are the artists who I have interacted with who have so much to offer but no one has ever had audience with them.

As soon as I’m voted in I will establish a Skills Inventory for Mahalapye West artisans and handymen. We shall know our plumbers, electricians and welders.

With the mood on the ground and your own assessment, how do you see your party perfoming?

AP is going for the win! I just can’t say the number but we are standing on the verge of a new Botswana.

I can see a new government in October.

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