Empty talk

Recently on Saturday in the afternoon, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole accompanied some friends to a hair salon above Choppies supermarket at Gaborone station and overheard a conversation from talkative hairdresser who cracked jokes with her colleagues and customers.

MAN IN MAROON T-SHIRT: My sister, we need a seat, and all the seats are occupied. Where can we seat?

LADY IN PEACH SHIRT: There are enough seats for everyone. Why don’t you use a large sofa at the back?

MAN IN RED T-SHIRT: There is a lady sleeping on it.

LADY IN PEACH SHIRT: She can’t sleep on a salon sofa.

The sofa is for the customers. Go and tell her to move from the seat.

MAN IN MAROON T-SHIRT: We don’t know the lady, and we just can’t tell her to move.

Since you’re working here, why don’t you go and tell her? What if she insults us?

LADY IN PEACH SHIRT: (as turns to face towards the sofa). Oh, my God! She feels comfortable.

This isn’t a hotel. If she wants to sleep, she should go to her house.

Otherwise, I’ll have to demand some money for the rent. (an uproar of laughter from salon workers and customers).

Let me finish plaiting this line. I’ll go and wake her up.

MAN IN RED T-SHIRT: There’s no need to bother her. We’ll just stand on our feet.

MAN IN MAROON T-SHIRT: My sister, It’s not the first time to see you.

I always see you work on different salons around here in the station. How do you manage that?

LADY IN PEACH SHIRT: It looks like you’ve a problem. It seems you are a UB student, are you?


LADY IN PEACH SHIRT: Well, my answer is that, I own all the salons around the station.

Do you know Satar Dada?

MAN IN MAROON T-SHIRT: Yes, I know him.

LADY IN PEACH SHIRT: Good. Then if you know him, you know me.

I’m his younger sister. While you were busy wasting your studying at UB, I was busy creating a fortune. (laughter).

The conversation ends as a man enters the salon to ask for a toilet.

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