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Akunamathata sues villagers over elephants
A Community Trust made up of Pandamatenga, Lesoma and Kazungula villages has been slapped with a P3, 1million law suit, for allegedly auctioning 21 elephants contracted with Akunamathata Wildlife Safaris.
Akunamathata, a professional elephant hunting company operates in Botswana and neighbouring Zimbabwe.
It is alleged that Paleka Community Trust proposed that Akunamathata Wildlife Safaris be granted another two year hunting agreement lease when their contract expired sometime last year but later made a u-turn without informing the latter.
“We really don’t understand why the renewed contract was then suddenly terminated and elephants put on auction without anyone consulting us. What also confuses us is that the Trust accepted a deposit of P65 000 but went on to auction the elephants,” said Akunamathatha Director Leon Andrew.
He said his company lost millions after clients from abroad who had proposed to come for elephant safari hunting, cancelled their arrangement when word went round that Akunamathata had lost the 21 elephants from the community trust.
The chairman of the Trust, Thabo Tuelo, contradicted himself, when asked about the sudden termination of contract between Paleka and Akunamathata.
Initially Tuelo put all the blame on the trust’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and accused them of interfering.
“The Trust worked harmoniously with Akunamathata and the TAC started interfering   and even went to the extent of terminating the signed deal without consulting us.”
The chairman however later changed his story after he was questioned about thousands of Pula, which are said to be missing from the Trust, with him being the main person to accountable.
“I don’t want to say anything about Paleka and the missing money. The minister will be coming to address the issue. I will not say anything regarding the elephants and this Akunamathata but, I want to warn you that if you don’t leave this case, you are surely going to be in trouble,” Tuelo said and warned that if The Voice put the story paper: “I will simple sue the paper.”
Then Tuelo accused Akunamathata of not honouring the agreements in the signed deal. “These people failed to pay up the agreed money and now want to put pressure on us,” he complained.
When contact for a comment the Chairman of the TAC Maphorisa, admitted that he was aware of the auctioned elephants but referred all the questions to the district commissioner.
“The DC is the one who knows everything. Even the letters which I personally signed regarding Paleka were done on behalf of the DC,” Maphorisa said, adding, “Just call the DC because he knows everything about this issue.”
Kasane DC however flatly refused to comment on the issue of the auctioned elephants and said: “I will not talk to someone whom I can’t see and I am also not in a position to say whether I know anything about the case or not.”
Meanwhile Wada Nfila of Nfila attorneys confirmed that he has been engaged by Akunamathata wildlife Safaris to pursue litigation against Paleka.

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Mr Editor, is it Kalepa or Paleka..? Just wonderin cuz the last time i checked it was the former..anyway, these trusts are always in dire financial malmanagement…, i remember CECT AGM and ….you know.




Pinkie tlogela go ituma diteme, bua mo utlwalang, Trust e go tlhophile go nna Chairman ba itse gore o tla tlhokomela trust. Gape gatwe le jele madi, toronko e diretswe batho ba ba jang madi a trust. Itshupe botlhale Pinkie otherwise o tla lelela kgama le …………….


Batho ba ditrustnyana tsa rona they must rot in jail or be aunctioned off! They have been entrusted with handling and managing huge sums of money by their communities, gore madi a dirisitswe eng ga o kake wa bo wa itse. KALEPA must come out in the open and explain what happened to the agreement they entered into with AKUNAMATHATA…and please where is the P65000 deposit?


Point of view from a Pandamatenga admirer; I was @ one point reliably informed KALEPA (or PALEKA), during the previous hunting season had in their accounts, P3,5 Million. During what was supposed to have been an AGM that opened a can of worms, the trust “report” failed to account for a lot of money. The audit report showed an unaccounted sum of a WHOPPING P472,502.00. There was a closing balance of less than P4,000.00 in their account.I was told more money went to sitting allowances, but still, the attendants of this wasteful forum wanted to increase it from about P300.00… Read more »


Before I forget, I was again reliably informed that they (KALEPA) used to own a landcruiser, and it was involved in an accident – minor though. Guess what? It was auctioned for only P13,000. They (KALEPA) used to own a community camping site at Lesoma. Again the undeveloped plot was sold for P1,3M. That is BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S ALL ABOUT IRRESPONSIBILITY.We are very lucky to have such renewable natural resources at our disposal, but what about citizens of Botswana in say, Serule? Getting more political now, we are conservationists who want to develop this nation, but because of the continued inbalance… Read more »


Making money through the slaughter of elephants by bloodthirsty ‘sport hunters’ from foreign lands is never a good business to be involved with. Things come back to haunt those that condone this type of barbarism.


money more money money lol ba baakanyeng


this kalepa community trust thing all the people who elected in there pocket back the money some of them drive expensive cars like block toyota fortunas the are the big dogs now in kasane. this people just get reach over night it has to be some serious investigation there


This situation is really disheartenning.The only possible solution I think is to get rid of all the empty vessels,who want to fatten their pockets at the expense of the communities.These are vultures with no conscience.Starting with the leader, they’re a bunch of illiterate nincompoops how are guided by greed and are haters of development.These people need to be educated.There must be a lot of empowerment to be done.Pliz,I call upon all those from these villages, and have the interest of their people at heart,to converge during the festive season (december)to discuss the way forward.


Was doesnt government nationalize these trusts if all there is so much mismanagement. Is there anything else I am missing or are some of the big-fish benefiting from this mess. How do you account for those people living around
Orapa, Letlhakane, Sua etc whose resources are used for the benefit of the entire national? Please someone stop the crime.


I am one of the few foreigners who booked a hunt for elephant this year in Pandamatenga. Do you know if finally it is going to be hunts there legally?