SPEAKS: Malaiemang Nkganetsang

Traditional doctors speak out on Muti murders

As the day of the national elections set for October draws near, it is becoming clearer that there is no limit to what some politicians are willing to do to win a seat in parliament.

It is a do or die situation and according to past experiences ritual murders related to elections often identified by missing body parts surge during this time in many African countries. In Tanzania and Swaziland Albinos’s lives are often in danger as they are hunted to be killed for election lucky charms.

Locally, during the 2014 elections a riot erupted in Tonota as angry young people revolted against such barbaric acts following a sharp rise in muti related murders.

When asked about ritual murders and elections, a well-known traditional doctor and former Mochudi Centre Chiefs football club muti man in Palapye, Molaiemang Nkganetsang explained that there are some doctors who advise politicians to make human sacrifices to win elections.

Just like medical doctors traditional doctors function differently, he explained.

“We have specialists in different expertise including in that area of human sacrifice, while others are just general practitioners,” Nkganetsang said adding that that the problem is that there are also unscrupulous foreign traditional doctors who bring their culture here.

He however went on to condemn the practice saying, “That is evil. Politicians do come to me for consultation and I simply cleanse them from bad luck and give them an edge over competition and they win. No need for ritual murder. I do not believe in that.” He revealed.

Nkganetsang however went on to explain that although he does not participate in the practice of human sacrifice, he can gladly help with revenge for those who lost their loved ones to such practices.

“What I am capable of doing is go itaya phuphu (back to the sender) I know how to cause people who kill others to confess and die like flies. I do not feel guilty doing that because the person would have started the spiritual war,” said Nkganetsang

Dingaka Association coordinator, Kabelo Charle said it is very difficult for him to discuss those traditional doctors who prescribe ritual murder for politicians because murder is crime.

“ I am aware that there are some who recommend it but they must stop it. I simply simply give them traditional medicine called “Molomo monate,” which makes it easy for them to convince voters to believe their promises and vote for them.

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