Two security guards at Maya Enterprises Egg Head Poultry farm in Kumakwane have told of how they begged for their lives last weekend when they were attacked by four robbers armed with knives.

The two watchmen say they escaped death by a whisker, as the suspects tied their hands with ropes before they broke into the poultry house where they stole five boxes containing 40 dozens of eggs and 20 litres of petrol, all worth P2 300.00.

Narrating the details of the robbery, one of the watchmen, 59-year-old Phenyo Moswi, said the suspects assaulted and held them at knife point. “The four men just stormed the building and threatened to kill us as they demanded the lock safe,” he said.

He further said that despite telling the suspects that they knew nothing about where the money is kept, the violent intruders who were covered in balaclavas proceeded to break the locks to all the 18 office doors, ransacking the whole building.

The terrified night watchman said had it not been for the darkness that helped conceal the robbers’ identity, the armed men would have killed them.

“There was power cut and it was too dark to identify them and the masks further made it impossible to see their faces. But my suspicion is that they came with a car as they fled using the back vehicle entrance gate,” Moswi said and added that the culprits left them tied up in the poultry shed.

Maya Enterprises owner, Kishan Bhateja, said it was still too early to determine the total value of the property that was damaged during the robbery.

Superintendent Moses Makgoeng of Thamaga Police confirmed the incident and said investigations on the matter are still ongoing and that no arrest has been made yet.

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