Evicted: Bhoke and Ernest were sent home on sunday

On Sunday evening, 26-year-old Bhoke of Tanzania and 28-year-old Ernest of Uganda failed to survive Africa’s wrath as they became the latest victims to be evicted from Big Brother Amplified. The ‘lovebirds’ who from time to time kept viewers glued to their TV sets wanting to catch a glimpse of the ‘boring’ love affair were clearly the least favourite housemates in the ‘Tails’ house.  Their double eviction follows that of Michael who was sent packing last week. On Tuesday morning Rudeboy had a chance to speak with the evicted couple and below is a précis of the interviews…

Rudeboy: Now that you’ve been evicted from the BBA house, what’s next for you?
Bhoke: I simply want to go back to what I was doing before, which is television broadcasting. I also want to further my career by pursuing a Masters in TV Broadcasting. Let me just say I’m going to take everything that comes my way.

Ernest: Let me first explain that Big Brother Amplified is a beautiful and huge psychological journey which nobody can ever take away from me. I believe now that I’m out of the house I have to connect more with my fans and I will explore every possibility that comes my way. I will go back to radio and use the BBA experience to build a strong personality.

Rudeboy: What role do you think BBA has played in your life?
Bhoke: My life will never be the same again. Before this I was only known in my country as a TV presenter but now I’m known as Bhoke from Big Brother Amplified. It’s a huge achievement for me and I’m going to use it to better my life. Big Brother Amplified has taught me to be strong.

Rudeboy: Dude, you and Luclay, what was going on?
Ernest: Ha! Ha! Nothing. Luclay was an interesting woman. He wanted to be a dominating factor in the Tails house and when he realized that I did exist he started throwing around tantrums because he saw me as a threat.

Rudeboy: The relationship between you two?
Bhoke: I just want to know him better. I would not want to dwell much on that though as I believe we should not rush things.
Ernest: I think Bhoke is a great person and I would like to believe she’s very interesting. I just want to get to know her better moving forward.

Rudeboy: Ernest, I bet you didn’t see the eviction coming. Given a chance to go back into the house is there anything you’d do different?
Ernest: There’s nothing that’ll do different. Mind you, we didn’t expect two evictions this past Sunday; however I’m grateful to having lasted in that house for five weeks. I’m just pissed off at the fact that the people whom I felt were my friends (Alex and Nic) nominated me and even advanced reasons and sentiments which were not positive about me. To me that’s an epitome of betrayal and it has shown me that in life you always deal with backstabbers.

Rudeboy: Bhoke, some viewers did label you as boring. Is that your character in real life?
Bhoke: I would not say I’m boring, but what I know is that I’m reserved and not a loud person. A lot of people always have expectations about someone and I’m sorry I came about as boring. What I can is that people haven’t heard the last about me as I’m going to grab every opportunity that comes my way.

Rudeboy: And who do you see as a potential winner of Big Brother Amplified?
Bhoke: I do believe every housemate who remains in the house now has what it takes to win the US$200 000. However, be that as it may, I see Confidence, Nic and Alex as potential winners. I think they have what it takes.

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