SG Accused of getting bigger pie of the P100m campaign BUDGET

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)’s Secretary General, Mpho Balopi this week parried heavy criticism from disgruntled party members accusing him of awarding himself all the merchandise and advertising tenders for the 2019 General elections campaign.

Fuming BDP members accused Balopi of gobbling the biggest share of the P100 million budget allocated for the October election campaign.

Disgruntled sources from Tsholetsa house complained bitterly that Balopi through his advertising company, Native Impressions has ‘won’ most, if not all tenders for procuring, branding and distribution of campaign t-shirts countrywide.

A source has alleged that each constituency was allocated a budget for 10 000 t-shirts and tasked with sourcing their own merchandise but Balopi overturned that collective decision and instead offered to centralize and facilitate the whole processes from Gaborone.

“He did that with the aim of awarding tenders to himself,” the source posited.

After the merchandise tender, Balopi allegedly went further to award himself a P2million advertising billboards tender.

“He offered the party a 15% discount and clinched the deal for more than 57 BDP billboards that have been erected around the country,” the source revealed.

However another source within the BDP defended the BDP SG saying the only deal he has won so far were the billboards.

“Our campaign merchandise was donated by the Chinese and Balopi could have only gotten a tender to print campaign messages on them. This does not mean he did not eat more than he was supposed to though,” added the source.

Balopi has however dismissed the accusations with contempt. describing them as “Very crazy and unfounded allegations, which were not anything new to him in an election year.”

“I donate to the BDP, both my time and family resources everyday. I am focused on making sure the BDP wins the 2019 elections big and that I bag the Gaborone North Constituency for the BDP,” quipped the unfazed SG before referring this publication to the BDP Treasurer, Satar Dada who is also responsible for procurement.

Dada could not be reached for a comment while the Chairman of the Communications and International Relations Sub-Committee, Kagelelo Kentse declined to comment saying there were some party matters that he could not discuss with the media.

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