Easter egg hunt at the healing paradise
Easter Egg hunt at the healing Paradise.

Easter is a time for bonding with families and creating new memories. Growing up at the farm, my grandmother aka Aus B had always made every holiday special, and Easter holiday was one of my favorites on the list.

Getting together with cousins and friends from the city, a treasure hunt was the main reason some came out to the bush.

It was a nostalgic, heart warming feeling seeing that the tradition still continues after generations this past weekend.

The group of children, my nieces, and nephews bonded andthoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The rules are pretty simple. One adult hides Easter eggs around the yard, and then the children get together for a countdown before dispersing for the hunt.

Once the hunt is over and they feel they have exhausted all the possible hiding places the distributor of the eggs has to disclose how many they hid and compare with the ones found.

It is important to not eat the eggs while hunting to get an accurate total.

In most cases there is always one or two still hidden and this is when the distributor plays along.

The second hunt is assisted by the distributor, watching carefully where they hid the eggs and guiding the children by yelling if someone is hot or is cold near the hidden places, hot means one is near the place and cold is the opposite.

In Setswana it’s the same concept as “thupathupayasha”

It was a blissful weekend, filled with so much joy and laughter.

It is all about playing outdoors and strengthening relationships that last a lifetime, all grown up I get to see what she meant.

Try this game with the kids next Easter holiday, it just might be a new tradition for you too!

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