HAPPY CHRISTMAS: Mascom brought smiles to Camphill School

Mascom wireless presented an early Christmas to the underprivileged children living with disabilities in Otse village last week.
After a ceremony full of games, delicious treats and fun, every child of Camphill Rankoromane School, left the Christmas party beaming from ear to ear after Mascom chief executive officer, Jose Couceiro presented them with new clothing items.
And in a more Setswana traditional set up, Mascom played a fatherly figure by giving the children’s mothers (care takers) shopping vouchers for Pep stores.

“It is the mothers who care for the children on daily basis and therefore knows their individual needs,” noted the company’s representative, Odirile Motlhala.

Camphill is a boarding school for children living with physical and mental disabilities. The 6-15 year olds live in various houses within the school and are cared for in a family oriented environment. Special emphasis is on providing a homely atmosphere in the hostels where small groups of children are looked after by group mothers.

The party also enabled Couceiro to meet with the children on a fun, relaxed, social and supportive environment. At the end of the day, he pledged to buy chairs and tables for the school’s 250 capacity hall.

The school head, Betty Mpodi who was very grateful to Mascom for the smiles they put into the little faces ahead of Christmas, pleaded with the entire society to continue supporting children with disabilities.

“I don’t know why poverty tallies with disability, but they go hand in hand, please continue supporting us. We enroll children from all over the country but due to limited resources we have to limit the numbers,” she said.

Camphill School Rankoromane was established in 1974 with 4 children with varying disabilities and it was the only school of its kind at the time. However the enrolment has grown over the years to the current 59. Children aged between 6 and 15years are enrolled at the school.

Although the non governmental school depends on charity for its daily running, it has its history of success.

Over the years the institution has taught many children to cope with their disabilities. Some children have been able to join main stream society having accomplished and completed primary, secondary and university level education,

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Big UPs to Mascom. But, as a patriotic citizen I would like to see businesses engaging more on charitable initiatives that will bring long term benefits to the needy. For example, increasing capacity of Camphill, long term financial support, etc.


wow dat’s great mascom go sego letsogo le le fang