I started my first year at the University of Botswana last year and got accommodation on campus which resulted in me meeting new people from different backgrounds. Some have a culture of giving up, low self-esteem, undermining themselves and lack confidence while some believe in themselves, have confidence and are go getters. Now, one of the ‘’feel good” people that I met include a pretty young lady by the name Kesaobaka…. who studies BA Art, majoring in Environmental Science and I must say she is an inspiration to all other young ladies, including myself!

Now as tiny as she is, I mean she is short not too short but short nevertheless, Kesa (as called by those close to her) is one hell of a model, as in beauty pageant model my people. She has won Ms. Independence, Ms. Living and Learning community (UB) and is now one of the Ms. Universe Botswana finalists which will be on July 2.
Like I said, Kesa, is not the tallest person you’ve ever seen, in fact she is by far the shortest and youngest of all the Ms. Universe finalists! This is what drew me to her: she is one of the quietest people I’ve ever known, only speaks when spoken to, the slowest speaker I ‘ve met since my deliverance in this world and of course the great petite body that she has (one like Katlego Danke’s of Generation). However, once she opens her gracious mouth and starts talking, the intelligence, the confidence and the maturity that this young youth provokes is just too phenomenal. Wow! is all I can say. So I decided to chat with her a bit so she could enlighten us on where on earth one could get the courage and motivation to do things that society feels you’ll fail at.


When did you discover your passion for modeling?
I discovered my passion for modeling after form five but that wasn’t the first time I had entered a modeling competition.

I know most parents are not big fans of such, have your parents been supportive of this?
My parents are very supportive especially my mom. My dad is however a bit skeptical, I mean time and again he advises me to take good care of myself, he seems to know the downside of this industry.

Now Kesa, you are short, shorter than most people I know.  Where do you get the positive spirit and determination to audition?
I know and believe that dynamite comes in small packages and I know there’s something in me that is in all the 1.65 ladies.

So how short are you?
I’m 1.58 and it’s not about height you know, it’s about what I have, it’s about the passion and drive that one has. Do bear in mind that it’s not all pageants that require ladies to have that much height, before I audition to enter I take a look at the requirements and all. Like Miss Universe for instance, they are not specific with height all they want is beauty and ambition.

And Miss Independence? I know you won the title.
Oh yes, I am the reigning Miss Independence Botswana 2011. There were tall ladies, really tall ladies but because I did my best and the judges saw that I was determined I took the crown home.

You are the shortest and youngest of all the Ms. Universe Botswana contestants, don’t you feel threatened and undermined by those who have height?
We’ve only been together for like a month or so and I want to believe that we are all one big happy family at Miss Universe so I don’t see any animosity and threats coming about you know. I’m happy there, I feel at home and more than comfortable.

What message can you give to those are of your size and want to enter such competitions but shy away because they think they’ll never make it?
Perseverance, ambition, dignity and hope all the way. If I can then anyone else can as well. If there’s no height or weight restriction then go for it and do your best.

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