Teachers at Dukwi Junior Secondary School are threatening to take matters into their own hands should the sub-regional office in Tutume fail to address their grievances against the school head.

Under-fire School Head, Gabriel Bogosi is accused of among other things sexual harassment, corruption, discrimination and favouritism.

In a petition sent to the sub-regional office, staff members claim Bogosi has shown an undesirable behaviour of seeking sexual favours from female subordinates.

One of the accusations sates, “He’s made derogatory sexual statements such as ‘ke rata baba kana ka ene jaana baba portable, ha o mokukile jaana o itshopha jaana kamaoto a gagwe e be o e tsenya (Loosely translated as: I like the tiny portable ones who you can lift and have them wrap their legs around you to penetrate).”

The School Head is also said to have remarked to a female school teacher, “Kekopa mphondas, kana gatwe batho baba sesame jaana le rwele (Translation: May I have sex, I’m told skinny ladies like you have a big one).”

In another incident, Bogosi was allegedly left with a female teacher and PTA Secretary inside the library when he reportedly lifted her up and said, “Ke bata baba kana kawena, ka go re le mothofo (I want this size because you are easy to lift up).”

Irate teachers wrote to the Chief Education Officer (CEO), Khumoyame Mosetha complaining that such incidents were creating a threatening and intimidating working environment for the female staff.

Speaking to The Voice on condition of anonymity, one teacher claimed Bogosi has resorted to intimidating his subordinates, with a couple of Heads of Departments called for disciplinary hearings.

“He’s vowed to make our lives a living hell now that we’ve reported him to our superiors in Tutume,” stated the source.

“He rules with an iron fist and has consolidated power at his office. When he goes out the school does not function because he doesn’t delegate. Everything is done by him alone, including granting of permission and issuing of leaves. You should see teachers queuing at his office just to get permission to attend a funeral,”claimed the teacher.

Following the accusations, a meeting was subsequently arranged at the school on 29th May. In attendance were the CEO, Principal Education Officer, School Head and Dukwi JSS staff members.

“Bogosi was given a platform to respond verbally and he admitted to some of the allegations and even apologized,” insisted the source.

“However, when he was asked to respond in writing he denied all the listed grievances,” they continued angrily.

The Voice is in possession of Bogosi’swritten response where he rubbishes all accusations levelled against him.

He states that he does not recall ever victimising teachers or uttering derogatory remarks to other officers.

Contacted for comment, Bogosi again refuted the allegations.

“That’s not true. In fact I should be the one complaining. All I’m trying to say is change the way we do things at the school to improve results,” he told The Voice before referring all questions to the CEO.

However, despite several attempts, the CEO’s phone rang unanswered.

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